Alliance Broadband is Offering 100 Mbps Connection Without Any FUP at Rs 2600 in Kolkata

India’s wired broadband services were one of the most awaited services for home users, though internet went public in 1995 by VSNL. BSNL had launched country’s first broadband services in 2004, and government of India came with a broadband policy. In 2007, BSNL increased its broadband bandwidth to 2 Mbps, and it created the monopoly of BSNL in the broadband sector. However private companies made a comeback in 2009-2010 when Beam Cable (now owned by ATC) launched its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services in Hyderabad with up to 20Mbps speed.


Sadly we at Kolkata had not such good Internet Service Provider for many years. Siti Cable, Meghbela Broadband, Alliance Broadband etc. were few names which were serving a handful of customers in a few packets of the city; that too via local cable operators. As a result, whole internet scenario was quite pathetic as there was no central control over the end-user experience.

Kolkata’s broadband scenario has started to see changes almost 3.5 years back when Alliance Broadband kickstarted expansion of coverage. Now Alliance dons over the metro’s broadband market-beating BSNL, Airtel and Tata. The main reasons for the success of Alliance Broadband are basically two: Rapid expansion and reasonable broadband plans.

At the same time, BSNL stuck with their basic ADSL based broadband with landline connections. People were quitting their landline connections as well as BSNL Broadband. To start with Alliance, you need a modem, installation charge (which is maximum Rs 3000, can be as low as Rs 500) and some security deposit. It is easy and hassle-free. Alliance Broadband now has its dedicated customer care too.

Current Unlimited Broadband Plans for Kolkata Service Area (Alliance Broadband):


Currently, Alliance Broadband has seven broadband plans offering speeds up to 100 Mbps starting from 25 Mbps. And the best part is all the plans offer unlimited data without any FUP limit per month. The Flash Plus is the premium broadband plan that offers 100 Mbps connection at a price of Rs 2,600.

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Sutripta Roy (Kolkata, Delhi)
April 9, 2018 2:26 pm 2:26 PM

Alliance is best broadband provider in KOLKATA. Unofficially speed has increased.

April 9, 2018 10:56 am 10:56 AM

PRIME + plan with tax Rs 747.. speed unofficially increased

April 9, 2018 9:59 am 9:59 AM
Hathway broadband is providing 100 mbps for 1000 per month but needs to be paid three months at a time but after using it for over a year I must say it’s extremely reliable and stable. Also i believe they are the only broadband provider that provides direct to home fiber in Salt Lake and kolkata area. Their wire is of extremely high quality almost double the width of copper lines of Airtel broadband. Alliance broadband wires are so poor quality that they easily get cut off at a tight bend or even one stroke of a blade. Only issue… Read more »