Aircel Partners With Lava Mobiles to Counter Reliance JioPhone; Offering Unlimited Voice Calls, SMS, and 2G Data With Lava Feature Phone at Rs. 153

Aircel, in partnership with Lava Mobiles today introduced a bundled offer for Lava feature phone users. “Setting industry first benchmarks the Aircel-Lava bundled offer of the feature phone is unique and revolutionary in more ways than one,” said Aircel in a press statement.


The Aircel bundled Lava device comes with an attractive benefit to customers enabling them to receive a 100% cashback on the device price at the end of 24 months. A customer upon recharging with Rs. 153 Aircel pack every 28 days for 24 months will get unlimited benefits of voice calls, 2G Data, SMS and Music but also the benefit of 100% cashback.

Aircel also said that the cashback, in this case, is a complete money back into the account of the customer thorough RTGS payment method. “Aircel and Lava understand customer needs and know that they opt for a handset change after about 24 months of usage. This cashback has been timed to be most beneficial to the customer at the time of buying a new device. This offer is a stimulus in the digital revolution of the country,” further added Aircel in the press release.

The Aircel bundled Lava device, is on offer available for a nominal cost of Rs. 850, and offers dual-SIM connectivity. Another best part with this device is that the SIM slots are not locked by Aircel allowing customers the freedom to use the device with the service of an operator of their choice. The pre-booking of this bundled offering is available on the Aircel website and devices would be available in the market for a period of two weeks.

Things to remember about the cashback program:

  • Users get back the device price via RTGS after 24 months into bank account
  • Recharge of just Rs. 153 every 28 days offers unlimited voice, data, SMS and Music
  • Users need not return their devices
  • Device not restricted to any specific network. dual-SIM slots allows the freedom of choice

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, at the launch of this win-win offer said, “We are very excited and delighted to bring forth this one of a kind value offering to our customers. Our constant endeavour at Aircel is to offer the best propositions to our customers and towards that goal, we forge partnerships with the best in the industry. This bundled offer by Aircel and Lava mobiles not only enables our customers the opportunity get back 100% of their device investment but also gives them the benefits of Unlimited Aircel Voice, Data, SMS and Music. We at Aircel continue to strive and offer complete mobile connectivity solutions to our customers at a great value. ”

This is not notional cashback in the form of talk time. The offer provides actual cashback in the form of RTGS transfer to the respective qualifying bank accounts. The Aircel-Lava program does not ask the user to return the device allowing them to keep the device and the cash. Moreover, it ensures that the cashback comes to the user exactly when he is planning to switch to another device.

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Akhil Dara
October 5, 2017 4:33 pm 4:33 PM

Are people fools, rtgs for such small amount??..
Rtgs is only available for amount more than 2 lakh.. How he can remit 899? by rtgs

October 5, 2017 1:16 pm 1:16 PM

3G Data ??

October 5, 2017 9:09 am 9:09 AM

my dear fellows, i am still using my rcom 2G internet in my room and since hardly any people are left on rcom , i get a good speed for whatsapp voice call and browsing webpages with flash & images turned off. i use my institutes 5mbps connection for other jobs when i am there for 5 hours.

please, i request you all to be sensible towards your actual internet needs and take care of your health. no AVOID, CHORTEL etc. will come to admit you in hospital when you fell sick.