A Generation Too Late For 3G!

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A Generation Too Late For 3G!Are we in the race anymore or have we fallen behind? That's the question Indian subscribers will be asking as the day approaches for the quite essential 3G services being bid for. Of course its another matter all together when it would be implemented and services will be made affordable to the end consumer.

If this is the case with Indian government agencies moving so slowly on the much awaited 3G services, I shudder to think what should happen when its time for 4G?! The fact that 4G is being made ready to deployed in the more developed economics.

It is being currently tested out in a few towns in UK and Ireland telecom authorities have already given the go ahead for 4G to be implemented commercially.The only hope is that time around the King of Indian telecom Mr. Raja carries out the 3G auction without much delay and the spectrum is allotted to the telecom companies. But in my personal opinion it'll be good to see smaller and new telecom companies being offered the chance to provide better service keeping the end customer in mind.

I am all for it. How about you?

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