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Vodafone to sell its 4.4 percent stake in Bharti Airtel

Vodafone India might sell off its 4.4 percent share in Bharti Airtel if the rules no longer permit telecom operators to hold a share in the competitors. Vodafone had disclosed in a letter issued to the telecom ministry last year that it held a 4.4 percent share in Bharti Airtel. “The share is not with us, it’s with Vodafone Group so we really don’t know... I can only say if

Serious Case of Identity Theft: Nine Vodafone Connections with Same Identity – Customer Story

A tweet from twitter user Ramki (@ramkid) helped us understand how identity theft occurs when people take mobile connections. Ramki expressed his annoyance when Vodafone deactivated his wife's only connection stating there were nine other connections with the same identity. Vodafone suspended wife's only number.Horrified to learn that there are 9 other connections using her identity. @VodafoneIN, explain.Pl RT. — Ramki (@ramkid) May 16, 2014 Inorder to understand the issue

Why Should anyone use Vodafone when Emergency Services can’t be Reached? A Customer Experience

I was literally shocked when I saw this tweet from one Mr. Himanshu few minutes ago. Himanshu, a Vodafone customer who was on roaming could not reach an Emergency number when it was essential. After reading his blog post I decided to approach Himanshu for a first hand account of his experience. Not being able to reach an emergency service is not a great thing to happen for anyone. Himanshu

Overuse of Canned Responses leads to Frustrated Customers – Vodafone Leads the Race. Is Robotic CC Next?

Indian telecom users would be very familiar with responses from bots for queries/concerns raised on twitter. While automated replies or canned responses sent out by customer care executives can help in avoiding typing the same text again and again, overuse of the same can lead to increased frustration amongst customers. In Indian telecom industry Vodafone is undoubtedly leading the pack with others like Airtel being caught now and then. Here

Vodafone India 3G intra-circle (ICR) Kerala Prepaid and Postpaid Plan Details

Vodafone India will be offering 3G roaming services to its customers in Kerala circles starting today, we reported about the Vodafone ICRA offering first. In addition to offering customers (both pre and post paid) 3G roaming facilities, Vodafone Kerala is also offering multiple packages to suit customer requirements. The packages include: Monthly rental of Rs 100 for 300 MB, Rs 250 for 1 GB, Rs 450 for 2 GB, Rs 750

EXCLUSIVE: Vodafone 3G is being Rolled Out in Karnataka – Here is the Tariff Card for Postpaid Users

As we reported earlier today, Vodafone made the first move with regard to 3G roll out through ICRA. We have learnt further details about this 3G roll out in Karnataka and here is the tariff card applicable for Karnataka Postpaid subscribers. Once the customer finishes his quota, the speeds get throttled to 64kbps and all subsequent usage is free. Booster Packs: Can be taken on top of throttling packs (The