Vodafone Rs 399 Postpaid Plan New Customers Will Get 150GB Extra Data for 6 Months

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Shortly after the wrath of the data tariff war subsided in the telecom industry, the telecom companies were on to the task of finding new sources of revenue, and this led them to revamp their postpaid portfolios. After the revenues of the telecom companies declined, most postpaid plans from the companies were revamped to offer better services, but the baseline of these plans was also increased so as to withhold only the high paying customers with the help of these postpaid plans. The same was the case for Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel. However, there are a few differences between the Bharti Airtel and the Vodafone RED and Idea Nirvana postpaid plans. Now, in a new small change, the entry-level postpaid plan by Vodafone under the Vodafone RED portfolio comes with an added benefit for the new users. Here are more details about the new benefit.


Vodafone Rs 399 Postpaid Plan 150GB Extra Data Benefit Details

It is worth noting that Vodafone’s entry-level plan is the Rs 399 postpaid plan, and it offers 40GB data per month along with other benefits. Now, under the new offer, the telecom operator is offering 150GB extra data to the new customers valid for a period of six months. Now, it is worth noting that the Rs 399 postpaid plan by Vodafone comes with 40GB data per month along with 200GB data rollover limit. Not only this, but there are several bundled benefits with this plan as well. These additional benefits include subscription to Vodafone Play, Mobile Shield, and a ZEE5 subscription. Vodafone has claimed that this postpaid plan gets the customers benefits worth Rs 2,497. Now in this list of benefits, the new postpaid customers will be able to add another benefit of 150GB data for the period of 6 months. This is in addition to the 200GB data rollover limit, means that the new Vodafone postpaid subscribers can be assured that they will be very less likely to run out of data.

Vodafone Postpaid Plans Also Offer Add-On Connections

The Vodafone postpaid plans also come with another noteworthy feature which was not available on the Vodafone postpaid plans until a few months ago. The feature that we are talking about is of the add-on connections. Previously, Bharti Airtel was the only telecom operator offering an add-on connection on its postpaid plans. However, Vodafone now also ships postpaid plans which come with this feature. The first Vodafone postpaid plan which offers 2 connections is the Rs 598 postpaid plan which ships 80GB data per month along with the 200GB data rollover limit. The subscribers of this plan also enjoy Amazon Prime subscription, Vodafone Play subscription, ZEE5 subscription, and the Mobile Shield benefit as well.

Extra Data Benefit Only Applicable on Entry Level Postpaid Plan for New Customers

Further on, there is also the Rs 749 postpaid plan by Vodafone which offers 3 connections to the subscribers, meaning that this would be an appropriate plan for a family of three. This plan ships 120GB data to the users, meaning that the primary user gets 60GB data, whereas the secondary user gets 30GB data per month. The rest of the benefits like the Vodafone Play subscription, Amazon Prime subscription and others remain the same. Lastly, there is also the Rs 999 plan by Vodafone, which offers 5 connections in total to the subscribers. The total data offering under this plan is 200GB with all the remaining additional benefits. It is crucial to note that the extra 150GB that we mentioned above is only applicable to the entry-level plan of Rs 399 by Vodafone and that too only for the new customers of Vodafone postpaid. Also, the Rs 399 postpaid plan comes with a single connection option, meaning that the 150GB data would only be for one user as there is no add-on connection option in that particular Vodafone postpaid plan.

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