Vodafone Rs 249 Prepaid Plan No Longer Offers 3GB Daily Data

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Vodafone India is offering double data plans to its subscribers. However, the telco is moving slowly towards phasing it out of their recharge plans. The double data plan which was introduced on March 1, 2020, offers subscribers exactly the double amount of data than they are originally supposed to get but for a lesser price. Vodafone has now kept the offer alive in only nine telecom circles in India and is offering only two double data prepaid plans. Earlier the double data prepaid plan applied to three plans but now the Rs 249 plan is excluded from the benefit leaving Rs 399 and Rs 599 plan active to the offer.

Vodafone India Is Slowly Removing Telecom Circles From Its Double Data Plans

Initially, when Vodafone double data offer was launched, the telco provided the offer in many circles. But on April 16, Vodafone India decided that it is going to reduce the number of circles eligible for this plan to 14 circles only. The offer was removed from Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa, Punjab, North East, and UP West circles recently. Now, the telco has removed yet another five circles from its double data offer, and they are Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, and UP East.

Nine Circles Where The Offer is Still Valid 

Vodafone India recently updated on their website that double data offer is applicable on the following circles only - Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Odisha, Kolkata, West Bengal, Mumbai, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. In addition to this, the offer is only applicable to the Rs 399 and Rs 599 plan. It is expected that Idea is going to follow in the steps of Vodafone India soon. When Vodafone India earlier reduced the number of circles the offer was being rolled out to, Idea had done the same. Vodafone India is slowly phasing out its double data plan from all the circles. However, the offer is still applicable for the first recharge plan of Rs 297, which is offering 3GB high-speed internet daily for 28 days.

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