Vodafone Prepaid Plans Under Rs 500 Offer Up to 84 Days of Validity

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There are a lot of prepaid options out there for the subscribers in the market right now. But, one of the best-prepaid portfolios is also of Vodafone. There was a time when the Vodafone prepaid portfolio was not as attractive. However, over time, the Vodafone portfolio has been changed many times, and now the benefits in the Vodafone prepaid plans are more than ever. Also, its portfolio competes very well with the other telecom operators like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio. Now the price point of Rs 500 is very attractive for the subscribers and sees the most attention. Hence, we have decided to list the prepaid plan which come with combined offerings like data, calling, SMS and more and are priced under Rs 500. Here are some of the plans that the Vodafone subscribers can opt for in case they want to spend no more than Rs 500 while also enjoying attractive benefits.


Rs 129 Prepaid Plan

Rs 129 prepaid plan by Vodafone is one of the cheapest plans that the subscribers will be able to find in the Vodafone portfolio, of course barring the other plans which ship only data. The Rs 129 prepaid plan is a good option for someone who is not looking to spend much after data and would like to utilise the calling benefit more to their advantage. There are also 100 SMS per day. The plan comes with 28 days validity, and in this time period, it ships 2GB data for the entire validity period, and it also offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. There is no other additional benefit.

Rs 169 Prepaid Plan

This plan by Vodafone happens to be another very popular one, and it lands in the exact same price point as a prepaid recharge plan by Bharti Airtel as well. Unlike the above-mentioned plan, this one comes with daily data, under which it offers 1GB data per day to the subscribers, and it also ships unlimited local, STD and roaming calls to the subscribers. The plan comes with 100 SMS per day as well. The validity of this prepaid plan is 28 days.

Rs 199 Prepaid Plan

Barely crossing the Rs 200 mark is the Rs 199 prepaid plan from Vodafone which ships 1.5GB data per day to the subscribers along with unlimited calling benefit. There is also the added benefit of 100 SMS per day and 100% cashback on the MyVodafone app.

Rs 209 Prepaid Plan

This plan is a slight improvement over the previously mentioned plan as it offers 1.6GB data per day along with unlimited calling, and 100 SMS per day. However, there is no cashback benefit on this prepaid plan by Vodafone.

Rs 225 Prepaid Plan

This plan by Vodafone is yet another plan made for predominantly voice-based users. In this plan, the subscribers enjoy 48 days of validity which is more than the standard validity of 28 days. Also, the data benefit for the entire validity of this plan is 4GB, and of course, the subscribers get the benefit of unlimited calling.

Rs 399 Prepaid Plan

This is one of the long term validity recharges from Vodafone, and in this plan, the subscribers get validity of 84 days. The data benefit in this plan is 1GB data per day and unlimited calling for the entire length. There is also the benefit of 100 SMS per day and 100% cashback value on the MyVodafone application for the subscribers.

Rs 458 Prepaid Plan

The Rs 458 prepaid plan by Vodafone is also a long term one, and this one also comes with 84 days validity. However, as you can expect, the data validity in this plan is slightly more, and it offers 1.5GB of data per day to the subscribers. There is also the unlimited calls benefit for the subscribers and 100 SMS per day along with 100% cashback.

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