A handy guide to Satellites used for broadcasting DTH signals in India

Satellite television is a system of delivering television programming using signals relayed from communication satellites which orbit around the earth at 35,786 KM above the equator in geostationary orbits. The signals are received via an outdoor parabolic reflector antenna usually referred to as a satellite dish and a low-noise block down-converter (LNB). A satellite receiver then decodes the desired television program for viewing on a television set. Receivers can be… Read More


Is Uninor violating TRAI norms on VAS Activation’s ?

TRAI has taken strong measures in order to curb unwanted and auto VAS activation menace with operators. If you think with these norms and process there are no auto VAS activations you are completely wrong. We have been observing VAS activations on various operators and here we have one operator with us where VAS activations just happen on the fly like magic. Continue reading to know more about our observations… Read More


Initial experiences and problems faced on Airtel during NMNP : Our Analysis

While we continue experiencing and always be on analysis mode, it’s quite a time for us to experience National Mobile Number portability and now we put forward our initial experiences and  problems faced on NMNP on Airtel. Steps, Documentation, Verification, SMS information, Activation : Donor Operator : Airtel AP | Recipient Operator : Airtel KA | Requested : prepaid to prepaid migration 1. Porting code generated on : July 8th… Read More


Comparison between VoIP calls on Whatsapp, Hike, Viber on 3G-2G data vs Regular call charges

VoIP calls through internet over some OTT players like WhatsApp, Hike, Viber gains momentum as more people use data & own a smartphone nowadays. In India, WhatsApp has the largest user base while Bharti’s Hike is quite popular. On the other hand, Viber was the only one that was providing free calls. A few months back, WhatsApp and Hike introduced the free calls feature using Voice over Internet Protocol. Recently Telecom carriers… Read More


Airtel 3G / 4G customers are facing issues with certain websites – Technical Glitch or anything else?

From the past few weeks some TelecomTALK team members who use Airtel 4G and 3G services have been facing issues with certain websites when loaded through Airtel 3G / 4G. While we had initially attributed the issue to some network issue such occurrences have only increased and we have also started receiving complaints from our readers. This prompted us to do some thorough testing and document them. We have tested on Chrome… Read More


Comparing top DTH operator’s maximum channels and service packages

When you have to choose a DTH monthly package, it’s nothing short of doing some CFO level calculation. Quite unnecessary indeed. When I asked around how people choose DTH service packages, the unison reply I received from all channels was that they typically subscribed to the costliest one which provides maximum number of channels. @unitechy Just get the costliest one available. Not worth the headache. — Ravi Handa (@ravihanda) May… Read More


In-depth Analysis: Trivial problems faced by users on MNP

MNP needs no formal introduction as its been in India for quite some time now. However to reiterate – Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the facility which allows subscribers to retain their mobile number and switch to service provider of their choice and technology. Hence one can port a CDMA number to GSM and vice versa. Currently, in India this facility is available with in a telecom circle i.e. intra-circle… Read More


Asian Giants Bet Big on Digital India

Asian investors are making big plays in the Indian venture ecosystem and are honing in on all things India mobile. In today’s news, sources indicate that Chinese digital commerce giant Alibaba, through its separate payment unit Alipay, is set to make its second investment into India, this time into Indian low-cost mobile phone maker Micromax. Earlier this year, the group invested in Paytm, a fast-growing Indian digital payment company. It’s not just the Chinese… Read More


These are the best 4G LTE smartphones in India as of April 2015

Telecom operators will start a nation-wide roll out of 4G LTE networks in India starting this year, and the smartphone brands are looking to capitalise on this. They are flooding the market with smartphones that are compatible with these 4G LTE networks. In this flood, many consumers might be confused as to which device to buy. So, if you are someone who wants to buy a 4G LTE smartphone in… Read More


TT Analysis : 70.1% of users don’t prefer to spend on Mobile VAS

As days go by, users expect more and more of useful and innovative products in the market. Some time back we have conducted a poll on Mobile VAS to analyse the opinion of TT readers on VAS services. Below are our findings and results of the poll conducted. As always the prepaid user base is higher compared to the postpaid subscriber base. We have 71.6% of users from prepaid segment and… Read More


Pan India 2015 spectrum holding data sheet (updated)

Recently concluded auction has redrawn the mobile spectrum map of India. The latest auction has paved way for entry of new 3G operator in at least 12 circles. Also operators are free to using 900MHz won in the auction for 3G service as the entire spectrum won in this auction is liberalized. Accordingly we have updated the Pan India spectrum holding data sheet. New changes in spectrum holding data Reliance Jio won 800MHz… Read More


Toll-Free Apps Help Build Smart Pipes for a Digital India

The booming digital economy has implications for a country soon predicted to have 283.8 million users – the world’s second largest Internet user base after China. Internet traffic in India is expected to increase five-fold by 2018, with a CAGR of over 40%, according to a recent consultation paper prepared by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). In this article, I address how India is grappling with infrastructure, innovation… Read More


Analysis: Mobile tariff unlikely to go up after auction

Telecom Spectrum auction is a great success for the Government, it garners around Rs.1.10 Lakh Crore from the sale of mobile phone airwaves after 19 days of fierce bidding. The amount is more than Rs.1.06 Lakh Crore raised during the year 2010. The Finance Minister may happy that one-third of the amount will come to Governments kitty within 15 days and it is very useful for him to reduce the… Read More

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