Analysis on VAS activation procedure followed by Indian Operators, Reliance GSM creates confusion during activation

We have already stirred a hornet's nest with our recent poll - Mobile VAS, is it really driving the Indian telecom market? Now that we have already started something, just wanted to cover all the aspects of VAS in a consumer-centric approach and we have come up with an analysis on VAS activation procedure followed by most of the Indian telecom operators before we come up with our poll results. [...]

Analysis : List of Operators who messed up Call forwarding/Divert Services

Ever tried to forward or divert your mobile calls to another mobile/voice mailbox number and faced tough times with the process? If you are in any situation where you feel the importance of call forwarding/divert services, go ahead and continue reading. Your reason can be anything, be it network availability or you are in a situation unable to take calls. Call forwarding/diverting feature may come to rescue under any such [...]

Wi-Fi’s Own ‘Magic Hour’ : Airports Reflect A Deeper Consumer Behavioural Shift

Public Wi-Fi is becoming as ubiquitous as lighting, heating and air conditioning in public spaces; today, it’s only the absence of such amenities that would be worth remarking upon. Globally, more than half of the world’s Internet users access the Web through mobile devices – that’s more than 1.5 billion people – a figure reflected in the rising sales of mobile devices. In India, this represents 86 million of the [...]

Is Qualcomm readying Snapdragon 815 and Snapdragon 820 after heating issues found in Snapdragon 810?

After Apple surprised every mobile processor brand by releasing a 64-bit A7 chipset with the iPhone 5S, its competitors were forced to release new chipsets with support for 64-bit computing. An year after Apple's announcement, Qualcomm unveiled a complete line-up of 64-bit processors. This line-up included the Snapdragon 410, the Snapdragon 610, the Snapdragon 615, the Snapdragon 808, and the Snapdragon 810. But it seems that all is not well [...]

This is what you should expect from Samsung at the MWC 2015 event

Samsung has been loosing market share and consumer interest from the past one year, especially in the low-end segment after the entry of Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and value for money devices from brands like Motorola and Asus. The South Korean smartphone giant was once comfortably positioned as a premium smartphone manufacturer in the phablet arena, but Apple invaded its town last year and the issues further mounted for Samsung. This resulted [...]

Net Neutrality – The Concept and its Importance in the Indian Context

SYAM (an imaginary Indian Character) read the news about the recent NET NEUTRALITY Debate in India and seeing his anger his friend Ram became curious about what this is all about. Ram: What is net neutrality? Syam: The term implies that all traffic on the Internet has to be treated equally by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). This is why today we pay for only the data that we consume and not [...]

CES 2015 Roundup: A list of all the important device launches and updates from the event

The CES 2015 is over, and we've seen some interesting smartphone and mobile technology launches during the event. We've tried to cover and report about all the important launches, which happened during the event. Here's a summary of all the products and technologies announced during the event, which was held in Las Vegas from 6 - 9 January, 2015. LG G Flex 2 is a successor to the G Flex, [...]

4G calling; 2015 has promises and challenges for the Indian telecom sector

Another year comes to an end for the Indian telecom market. While 2014 year was significant, 2015 will be crucial in defining the Indian telecom market. We present below the key trends which we believe will dominate the industry in 2015. OTT wars: Fresh from the Airtel’s move to charge internet usage differently, we expect to see many such wars between operators and OTT players in 2015. While the wars were [...]

10 smartphone trends in 2014: phablets, selfies, 4G LTE, exclusive tie-ups, and more

It has been an action-packed year so far, when it comes to smartphone launches, sales, and a number of technological improvements. In this article, I have listed 10 smartphone trends which I noticed in the year 2014. 1. Entry of new smartphone brands in India Some new, yet popular smartphone brands entered India, as the country is on it's way to become the largest mobile phone market in the world. Xiaomi, which is being portrayed as the "Apple of China", [...]

TT Analysis : 76% of subscribers are not willing to switch to Airtel myPlan or Idea iPlan

Some time back we conducted the TT Poll : Share your views on Airtel myPlan and Idea !Plan. We usually get a good response for polls, but this one left us with a different experience as the responses received themselves spoke about the scenario and interest among users. Note : This survey mainly concentrates on the postpaid plans rather than on the prepaid myPlan as we feel there is no point [...]

Exclusive: Airtel starts charging for VoIP data on 2G and 3G, calls on Viber and Skype not to be covered by data packs

This Christmas may not be much of a delight for Airtel subscribers. In an unprecedented move, Bharti Airtel has started charging standard data rates for VoIP data usage on all Internet data packs and plans. As per the new data policy All Internet/data packs or plans (through which customer can avail discounted rate) shall only be valid for internet browsing and will exclude VoIP (Both incoming/ Outgoing). VoIP over data connectivity would be charged at standard data rates [...]

Why Reliance Jio wins hands down against Airtel 4G

4G war is definitely heating up and all of us are waiting with baited breath for Reliance Jio to launch its services. We have seen what Airtel has to offer in terms of 4G and now have lot of expectations from Reliance Jio in terms of 4G services in India. In my last article, I had analysed the pricing strategy of Airtel 4G. Today I am analysing Airtel vs Reliance [...]

Uninor’s Self Help Services via USSD : Our Analysis [Infographic]

Uninor launched a Toll-free SELF CARE option to all its subscribers some time back. One can check balance, validity expiry, offers and many other services through Self Care option. Any uninor subscriber needs to dial *121# from mobile and can experience the easiest and fastest way to get information which gives an advantage. The same is being promoted by Uninor across various channels. Now let us see what Uninor is [...]

TT Benchmark : 61% users don’t get the quality of data services they pay for

We conducted the TT Poll: Pan India Mobile Data Usage Survey few weeks back and would like to thank our readers for their responses. After filtering the responses we were able to consider 828 of them in this survey result. It was very fascinating to read the experiences/suggestions users have provided in the survey result, though it was an optional field. Here are the survey results: We can clearly see that most of [...]

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