Airtel Vs Uninor – 2G Data pack comparison, Uninor offers the cheapest !

Competition drives the market and plays a crucial role in attracting customers, especially in a sector like Telecom. With so many operators in the market, there is a constant battle to gain new customers. All the telcos keep introducing different offers and schemes to woo the consumers. To begin with we compare the 2G data pack being offered by Uninor and Airtel. Uninor operates across 6 circles and I have

Why should one go for Reliance when their Services are not reliable and Customers are treated as fools?

Word of mouth is the best and most reliable way to spread awareness about any product or service. I always try to share my learnings/ experiences with readers so that they become aware of problems we face in real life and take care and avoid similar experiences. This time I decided to try out Reliance GSM postpaid service and review it on TT. Please note these are my experiences which I would

Regulation of Telecom/OTT Equation to Ensure Fair Play, We find out?

In August 2014, TRAI announced that TELCOs cannot charge OTT players. This announcement came as a response to the proposal submitted by TELCOs wherein they advised that OTT players must share their revenues either with the Government or with the TELCOs. TELCOs kick-started this debate with an emphasis on the currently estimated loss that amounts to be around INR 5,000 crore annually and is expected to cross INR 16,400 crore

How Internet.Org Might End Up Controlling Data Tariffs in India

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is on a two day India tour where he met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Zuckerberg's prime intent to visit India is to promote his organization, making internet connectivity free to everyone. As of June 2014, Facebook gets about 1.32 billion active users per month. There's very little scope for Facebook to grow from here unless it bring people

In Depth Review of G-Broadband in Bengaluru

There are many ISPs that are mushrooming on a regular basis in metros. A majority of these ISPs are MSOs (Multiple System Operators) who also operate Cable TV connections in the area. G-Broadband is one such operator in Bengaluru that still offers completely unlimited plans and currently is running an offer wherein you won't be needing to pay anything for the installation. G-Broadband is run by Gatik Solutions and their

Is Service Quality Deteriorating at Paytm? Some Customer Experiences

I have been a Paytm customer for mobile recharges and bill payments since 2011 and I never faced a time when they were slow to respond to issues. The customer support's response time was typically in minutes and a complete resolution could be expected in few hours. They even called me few times after I tweeted about my experience almost immediately and explained the situation. This was a key differentiator