Infographic: Beyond Basic Telco Services, What Indian Telcos Are Offering to Consumers?

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I strongly believe mobile connectivity services are essential for the development of our country as they keep us connected on the go with the rest of the globe. In an era of exponential digital growth backed by mobile broadband connectivity, just the voice/SMS offering alone cannot serve the purpose, that said yesterday, even volumetric data offerings today are not enough to cater the needs of growing consumer demands or keep the competition at check. Consumer demands are dynamic and hence change with times, so being responsibly reactive and agile is the only way telcos have.

Nevertheless, great opportunities often include complexities and also excellence comes at a cost and burden. Before you scroll to the infographic, let me put forward a few steering aspects of Telecom Sector leaving the Capital aspect aside.

Regulatory Environment:

On the top of every innovative idea, there sits a regulatory framework that may allow or prevent the implementation of that specific idea as a service offering to the consumers. Also, not every offering may necessarily go well with the market or competition, thereby causing legal hurdles. Sometimes even loopholes in the framework can be exploited. Free or affordability doesn’t necessarily define an Innovative offering. So, with the changing times and technologies, the regulatory framework needs to be revised in a neutral manner keeping in view the future of the sector and the growth of the country.


Technology that is in demand today may become obsolete tomorrow. So, there is always a capital risk involved, and leadership decisions play a crucial role in steering the growth or future of a company. Even the very precise features of technology should be fully utilized, and the telcos should make sure the customer is fully aware of the available offerings when and where required. After all, the decision maker (consumer) should be fully aware of the offerings to choose the service right? That said, it doesn’t need a 360 degree marketing campaign spending crores uselessly. Anything simple that impacts the customer directly will make sense  because, at times, even too much marketing will land into troubles.

Consumer Expectations:

Introduce something Innovative, and it doesn’t last long. Days or months after usage will make the offering less compelling. An offer of 10,000minutes today will look less attractive after the launch of Unlimited Voice. Give a consumer XY GB data today, and it will suffice the needs. Tomorrow the same offering may not be equally tempting for a customer to stick with an operator. Consumers need something more, and that something can be anything from an Add-on benefit, Service Quality or an Experience enhancement or requirement. Telcos who offered ABC GB today are also expected to provide a solution on how to enjoy the experience or consume the benefits. Now, my Infographic is more about this aspect.
Let us consider the text, voice and data which are the primary service offerings of a telco as a pizza base and basic toppings. The infographic below will give a birds-eye view of all the service components available to a mobile service subscriber from all the telcos combined. I hope the infographic itself is self-explanatory and doesn’t need any more explanation. So, let us now look at what our telcos are offering via extra service toppings to sell the primary service offerings at a very mere ARPU as of now.


Among all the service component offerings bundled with mobile services, Data Rollover, Bill Shock, Suspend and Resume Services, Bill Auto-Pay discounts, Live TV, Phone Secure, Priority Support are my favourite. What about yours? Do let us know via comments. After all, a service bundle should equally look attractive and worthy. Did I miss something which is more appealing? You can add some toppings too.

Note: You can also view the full width image by clicking this link.

Disclaimer :The infographic is out of the knowledge capacity of the author and the key lists/services referred may not be exhaustive or replica of the real case scenarios. 

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