Motorola commits again to Pure Android as it goes to Lenovo

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Motorola's acquisition from Google to Lenovo has just been completed for $2.91 billion. But as it sees a change in ownership, it has made sure that it stays true to its core values. It has yet again committed to bring a stock Android experience to its customers through its devices in future.

Motorola Nexus 6


Rick Osterloh, Motorola's president and chief operating officer, has stated that the company will continue to focus on a pure Android experience and develop technology that helps its consumers. It has also promised timely and fast upgrades for its users. From its time spent at Google, it has learnt the importance of the stock Android experience.

As a result, all its devices which have launched since then have had almost no bloatware like Samsung, LG and the likes. Instead, all its devices run a stock Android version and get a few improvements such as touchless voice controls, Moto Assist and so on. Lenovo and Motorola will continue to operate the way they are.

Recently Xiaomi became the number 3 smartphone manufacturer with the shipment of 17.3 million units in Q3 2014 but within 24 hours of this happening, the Lenovo-Motorola deal was closed. So Lenovo which had shipped 16.9 million units in the same period then had Motorola's sales added to it and it went on to become the third largest then.

The Lenovo-Motorola deal is expected to bring in a lot of strength for the latter and give a global positioning it has been seeking till now.

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