Bharti Airtel Prepaid Plans Cap Calling Now But Postpaid Still Offers Unlimited Calls

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The tariff hike is the thing whose talks have engulfed the headlines right now. Both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea subscribers are now going to be paying as much as 40% more for the same amount of data or capped benefits on their prepaid plans. This has surely disappointed the subscribers a little bit, but is going to be a massively helpful move for the industry in the long run. However, we would like to focus on the “prepaid” part of the tariff hike which seems to be at the focus right now. Currently, all the telecom operators who have announced the hike have done so on their prepaid plans and the postpaid plans of these respective telcos remain the same. This means that the postpaid plan users are at a little advantage, as they have been exempted from the tariff hike unlike the prepaid users, who will be paying more, no matter which operator they use. But, this is not it, there is also more to the story which you must know. Especially in the case of Bharti Airtel which has postpaid plans beginning at Rs 199 right now.


Unlimited Calling Benefit On Postpaid Plans

For a long time now, there has been a certain divide between the postpaid plans and prepaid plans in the Bharti Airtel portfolio. The subscribers had trouble choosing between the two because both shipped similar benefits. But, with the new tariff hike in place, that is certainly not the case as the divide between the postpaid and prepaid plans has grown and now the lines have been demarcated properly between the two types of connection which the subscribers can get . The major difference right now between these plans happens to be that of calling.

Before the tariff hike, both the prepaid plans and postpaid plans of Bharti Airtel used to come with unlimited calling. But, now after the hike, a cap has been placed on the number of outgoing calls the subscribers can make to other networks. This is similar to how the IUC calls are capped on Reliance Jio. Therefore any subscriber who wants to make a lot of calls to other subscribers who are on different networks, then the postpaid plan from Bharti Airtel might come handy instead of the prepaid plans which offer only 1000 minutes of off-net calling to other operators.

Additional Benefits on Postpaid Plans

Another area where the benefits of postpaid shine as compared to prepaid right now are the additional benefits. Although this is not something new in the postpaid plans, but with the new increase in prices, these benefits surely make the postpaid plans worth getting. For example, Bharti Airtel prepaid plans ship with free 3 months Netflix for the subscribers and a year worth of Amazon Prime subscription which is not seen on prepaid plans from Bharti Airtel. On top of that, for the people who are living in families, there is the option of add-on connection feature which might save some money for the users.

Should You Get Postpaid Plans

So does this mean that the subscribers should switch to postpaid connection? The answer to that question can be yes or no depending on your needs at the moment. If you make a lot of calls to other networks, and also you wouldn’t mind paying a little more for your connection in turn for some additional benefits like Netflix and Amazon Prime, then the postpaid plans would make more sense. However, if you want more daily data overall and you can make do with less calls, then the prepaid connection would make more sense.

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