Samsung Galaxy F images leaked, comes with metallic back?

Yet another leak from the serial leakster @evleaks. This time around, he is speculating that the device will most probably the rumoured Samsung Galaxy F, also known as the Galaxy S5 Prime. The device is supposed to come with a 5.3 inch QHD screen, metallic body and a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor.

Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung Galaxy F

As per the leaked image, the device comes with a metallic finish on its back. Although we can’t be sure if its just plastic with metallic finish or actually pure metal. It also has a heart rate monitor, just like the Galaxy S5. It is being rumoured that Samsung will replace the Galaxy S line-up of smartphones with a more premium Galaxy F series of smartphones.

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  • Darshan June 5, 2014 5:52 pm

    Finally Samsung understood to be have more value for phone go for metallic body I think wave 2/ wave 3 were the last phones which was made from metal from samsung
    Snapdragon 805 processor will make phone 1 of the best phone
    Hope they dont use double standards here now by providing lower grade phones india…
    The tizen series of phones r indicating some changes in the design from usual samsung phones
    Now its a high time samsung should start producing 4G devices for India…..

    • Rama June 5, 2014 8:39 pm

      *Well as far as I remember the last major “smart”phone from Samsung to receive metal treatment was the Samsung Ativ S.After that none of the major smartphones from Samsung got any metal love.But this is just a presumption bro.

      *Now I personally feel that S5 Prime or S5 Alpha or Samsung Galaxy F or whatever it may be called might not have actual metal and it might sport faux metal which means it may have a metal like finish but its gonna be plastic at the core.The reason why I feel so is that LG recently revealed that had they gone for a metal finish for the G3 the price of the smartphone might have been 300$/18k more.Now the S5 Prime or Galaxy F is rumored to have the same specifications as the G3 which includes a QHD AMOLED display(G3 has QHD but not AMOLED),3GB of ram and even a better Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.So in theory the cost of Galaxy F should be as high as G3 infact even a little higher since Galaxy F has QSD805 whereas G3 has QSD801.Now if Samsung goes for pure metal they would end with a smartphone ridiculously expensive if what LG has said is to be believed.So in order to keep the costs down Samsung might adopt LG’s route.But I may be wrong and Samsung might go with pure metal.

      *Now firstly there are chances of Samsung making Galaxy F exclusive to its home country South Korea because of reports of production issues with the QHD AMOLED panels.Next the Galaxy S5 is already the company’s smartphone flagship of the year and Samsung might not want to annoy people by releasing a better phone than Galaxy S5 in the form of Galaxy S5 Prime overseas.Their is a possibility that Samsung might use its exynos processor along with the Intel LTE modem for India if the device ever make it to India or might chuck LTE altogether and go for 3G only.

      *Samsung is ready for 4G bro.Just today I read yet another article on econoMic times where it was stated that Samsung might provide LTE smartphones for Reliance Jio starting from 8.2k onwards however on awkward thing I noted was that Reliance Jio has planned to chuck the subsidy model used in several countries for high end flagships.

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