BSNL 4G Networks Needed, Can’t Wait Anymore: Opinion

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has seen enough delays and has waited enough for the rollout of its 4G networks. The state-run telco has been interfered with multiple times whenever it has tried to go ahead with launching the 4G networks. Thus, this is high time for the Indian government to extend its support to the telco or just let it die. One thing that’s become absolutely clear is that once 5G arrives in India, BSNL would be even farther behind the private operators. Just how shameful it would be to see that the state-run telco is still operating 3G networks while the others have upgraded to 5G.

BSNL 4G Tender Should be Pushed Fast

The government must ensure that whatever has happened shouldn’t happen again with BSNL. The telco must go ahead with its 4G tenders without facing any more delays from any group or body. BSNL has already proposed a hybrid 4G tender which is a clever way of keeping both the government happy and run the business in an optimum manner.

Without 4G, the telco is as good as dead. Even with 4G, it has a mere chance of survival if it doesn’t keep 5G in mind. With the new use cases that 5G networks will have, BSNL will have a solid chance of increasing its revenues if it can upgrade to 5G fast.

Thus, BSNL’s sole focus shouldn’t only be at 4G; but to get equipment for the 4G networks that will allow an easy shift to the 5G NSA (non-standalone). This will allow the state-run telecom operator to bank on not only 4G revenues but 5G as well.

Users will soon shift from the telco’s 3G networks to other operator’s 4G and 5G networks because of the increasing demand for faster internet. Thus BSNL needs to move aggressively fast. There’s no time for the telco to sit around and wait for things anymore. It is already too late.

Without 4G and 5G in the next 3 to 4 years, BSNL might just go out of the market, or it will have to be privatised. If the telco fails, it will need to be privatised or else all its resources, networks; investments would have meant nothing.

BSNL Broadband Business a Strong Prospect for the Company

If BSNL ever fells short of money to an extent where it needs to close shop, the telco can do what Vodafone Idea (Vi) is trying to do. It can sell and lease back its broadband business. This would mean that the telco will get the cash it requires to expand the network aggressively and not go out of the market. But this should be the last resort for the company.

Its broadband business is already very big in the country, and the fiber plans that BSNL provides are very competitive to the likes of JioFiber, Airtel Xstream Fiber, and You Broadband. However, it’s not enough to keep the telco going. I really hope that BSNL can get out of its problems very soon because it wouldn’t be good for anyone to see the telco going out of business.

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