YOU Broadband’s Innovative App-Based Customer Support is Gaining Them Decent Market Share

There were times when one did not have a choice of selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and had to go with the only ISP which was present in that particular area. But things are changing now. Now every city has multiple ISPs; some national players, some local players. Now customers are spoilt for choice. How should a customer choose a right service provider?


YOU Broadband is carving out its own space in this clutter by focusing on driving innovation in the customer service sector. It has used customer insights, technology and innovation to ensure it is able to provide a differentiated experience. In the rare case when internet connectivity is disrupted, it has come out with an innovative solution through its mobile app.

The app allows the user to register a service request right from the mobile app itself. With this move, YOU Broadband is delivering a speedy resolution of customer service requests. This stems from the insight that customers these days do not want to wait in queues to talk to a call center representative. They want brands to resolve issues quickly and without hassles.

You Broadband service Request

Using this insight, they developed the innovative feature with which every customer can register a service request with just a few taps. YOU Broadband also has dedicated resources that resolve, on high priority, all service requests registered on this app. The company claims that every customer can rate their experience of the service executive after their request has been completed and this is used as feedback to improve their services.

You Broadband Service schedule

The app also looks user-friendly in terms of its user interface. You can request an instant service with just two taps. And if required, you can also schedule a visit by selecting the appropriate date and time.

By listening to the voice-of-customer, they added features like check account status and balance, renew connection, request a pick-up for offline payment, reset the account password, temporarily disconnect during vacations and loads of other interesting features.

With the differentiated customer experience, they are gaining market share at a rapid pace. If you already are a customer and haven’t used the app yet, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and if you want to apply for their connection, you can use the same app.

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December 22, 2017 12:02 pm 12:02 PM

Yeah this feature is really helpful. Moreover they also inform the customer about service disruption in the area and the time by which it will be rectified. I have hardly registered any complaint since I have taken connection here in Surat because they immediately send SMS when the service gets disrupted or resumes in my area.

Fun Bhai
December 22, 2017 12:02 pm 12:02 PM

YOU Broadband rocks!! I’ve been using youbroadband since 6/7 years and never had any issues. Sometimes there’s a little downtime but with an app I get assigned an engineer instantly and my problems are resolved in moments! I get more speed than I was promised to be honest. ?

December 21, 2017 11:50 pm 11:50 PM

There is no way to go for just sake of big name broadband ….Even cable broadband provider will provide necessary speed at good affordable cost …..Now 1 Mbps comes at 1000 for 3 months …now 5 Mbps comes for 3 months in 1200 and 10 Mbps on 1500 for 3 months in navi mumbai ….I saw you ka horrible in navi mumbai ….Most of on SSV broadband