Xiaomi Users Can Pre-order Products Amid Lockdown in India

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Xiaomi is taking pre-orders on its website Mi.com to keep the sales going. However, Xiaomi has played safe and stated on the site that deliveries would take place after the lockdown period. In case if the government will extend the lockdown period, Xiaomi will still follow its words and deliver the products post lockdown period. Xiaomi has also marked that deliveries will be subject to prevailing local restrictions. Similar to Xiaomi

, Samsung and Vivo are also taking pre-orders in the lockdown period and will deliver the products after the lockdown period.

Realme has Suspended Offline and Online Operations

Major Smartphone companies are working in vertical ways to cope up with the financial distress caused by the extended lockdown period as they are not able to make sales through both offline and online channels. The core competitor of Xiaomi, Realme, has also suspended all the offline and online operations until the lockdown period. Realme users will not be able to pre-order Realme products, and it will continue in future

if the government extends the lockdown period. However, the government is trying to help the companies in the second phase of lockdown by giving liberty to small retailers to operate with precautionary measures.

E-Commerce Platforms Asks Government to Allow Deliveries

E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are just delivering essential products to customers. The delivery of non-essential items is still banned due to COVID-19 concerns. However, Amazon and Flipkart have urged the government to allow deliveries of non-essential items which will aid the company, retailers and employees in challenging times. The government has released no official directives regarding the delivery of non-essential items through e-commerce platforms.

Smartphones Must Be Included in Essential Commodities: ICEA

As smartphones are one of the most crucial aspects of human life, The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has urged the government to include smartphones in the essential commodities list. The apex body has also urged the government to allow online sales in the nation through website and E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Shrijan Soni

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Published by
Shrijan Soni

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