Top Features of Mi Band 4 Which Make it Worthy of the Price

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Xiaomi has held some major events in the country this year. One of these major events was the one which Xiaomi organised today to launched the Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro. However, barring its smartphones, Xiaomi is now also known to launch other consumer products which make it to the households of Indian buyers. A while back, Xiaomi organised the Smarter Living 2020 event in which it launched many interesting products like new Mi TVs and other gadgets. But, there was one product in the entire line-up in that event which was being awaited by a lot of people, and that was the Mi Band 4. While this band had already started retailing in China, the Indian fans of Xiaomi had to

wait quite a bit for the arrival of Mi Band 4. But, now that it’s here the people are getting their hands on the latest fitness tracker from Xiaomi. So, what are the features that make this product worthy of all the hype?

Music and Volume Controls

So one of the best features a fitness tracker can offer while you are on one of your runs or while you are riding a cycle or working out is the control over your music. Everyone would agree on the fact that good music is essential for a good workout, on those lines, Mi Band 4 goes a step ahead of the Mi Band 3 and offers music and volume control. The Mi Band 4 would be able to sync with any one of your Music playing applications through the Mi Fit app after which you would be easily able to control the music playback and volume. You could decide to skip a song, play a song again or simply turn down the volume or raise it up; the Mi Band 4 will offer better control of your music.

Unlimited Watch Faces

A fitness tracker is not only what its name implies, but being a substitute for a watch, it also has to add to the aesthetics to the wearer. Now, when it comes to the Mi Band 4, the fitness tracker accomplishes it with the help of the AMOLED colour screen which it comes with. The Mi Band 4 offers multiple watch faces which can be selected from the Mi Fit app. What’s more, is that people can decide to set their own pictures as Mi Band 4 watch faces.

Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring

One of the most highlighted features of the Mi Band 4 is the heart rate and sleep monitoring. With the Mi Band 4, while you are working out, you will be able to keep track of how high your heart rate is going up. Especially for fitness enthusiasts, while you are doing your high-intensity interval training, or doing recovery runs, this would be a convenient method to keep track of your heart rate.

Not only this, the sleep tracking feature would help the users in getting stats about how well they are sleeping. Whether or not they are having enough deep sleep and all of this data would be accessible on the Mi Fit app.

Call and App Notifications

Besides all of these features, there is one thing that runners and fitness enthusiasts have a problem with and that is picking up calls and rejecting them while they are on a treadmill, trail or the gym. To solve this, the Mi Band 4 also comes with call and app notifications to which the users can respond to. Also, the Mi Band 4 users would be able to read their WhatsApp messages on the band itself making it very convenient for them to keep in touch with people while they are working out or simply if they don’t have immediate access to their phone.

Arpit Sharma

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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