Xiaomi Mi Band 3: 5 Ways How You Can Enhance the User Experience

Xiaomi’s latest fitness band, the Mi Band 3 was recently launched in India. As soon as the device was launched, it was able to garner significant attraction from the masses owing to its essential features and an attractive price tag. Although the Mi Band 3 does not make a very good competitor in front of other fitness bands which come with much more features, at this price range, the band gets the job done. The new Mi Band 3 comes with many new features like a bigger display, NFC, and more accurate heart rate sensor. With that being said, we have listed down some of the tips and tricks which will help you make the most use out of your Mi Band 3.


Turn Off Screen While Sleeping

Although the Mi Band 3 comes with an AMOLED screen, it is known to eat a lot of battery. Given that the band also turns on when the user is sleeping, the battery drains even faster from the device. However, with this trick outlined below, you will be able to make sure that the Mi Band 3 screen stays off even while you are sleeping and it doesn’t disturb anyone near you.

Go to your profile on the Mi Fit app and click on Mi Band 3. Head over to the section which reads, “Raise the wrist to see information”. Activate the option by turning it to “programmed” and then set the schedule when it will be necessary to raise the wrist to turn on the screen as per your sleeping schedule.

Set Heart Rate Detection Limit

The heart rate detection is one of the most touted features of the Mi Band 3. However, it is also one of the most battery consuming functions of the device. Although lucky for us, Xiaomi allows the users to tweak the time gap between each heart rate detection which means that by allowing more time gap between two measures, the Mi Band 3 will save a lot of battery.

To do this, you will need to open the MiFit application and then enter the My Profile section and then select the Mi Band 3. Head over to the section which says, “Heart Rate Detection” and in the frequency of detection select 30 minutes.

Toggle Notification Settings

With the Mi Band 3 continually flashing and vibrating on every other notification, it might get a little annoying for the user. However, we’re glad that Xiaomi ships a solution to this problem and allows the users to decide which notifications they want to receive or don’t want to receive on their device.

To do this, head over to your profile section and go to the “Application alert” area. Once activated, you will be able to select the application from a list of all the applications for which you want to keep the notifications on.

Mute Phone via Mi Band 3

In the Mi Band settings, users will find an “integrated applications” section that will allow them to search the phone, control clocks, control the masks of clocks and also silent the phone without needing even to touch it – a feature that a lot of people might find handy.

To silent your phone using the Mi Band 3, you will have to turn on the screen on your wristband, head over to the more section and press in silence. Long press the button on the band until it vibrates. This way you will silence your mobile. To revert the changes, you will need to follow the same steps.

Enable Idle Alerts to Keep Moving

Idle Alerts is something which comes in very handy for lazy people. Basically, when you enable this feature, the band will start vibrating if you stay idle for a period of time. The default idle time is one hour and the maximum idle time you can set is three hours, which of course, is of no use. You can customise the idle alerts by heading over to Mi Fit apps’ Settings>Idle Alert and enable it.

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