Vodafone and WWF Join Forces in the Recycling Drive

Vodafone's three-year partnership with WWF will see strategic initiatives launched across Vodafone markets in Europe and Africa. The One Million Phones for the Planet aims to get customers to trade in their old device and boost the local economy. The main aim is to promote sustainable choices by customers and leverage mobile technology to tackle conservation and sustainability challenges.

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WWF and Vodafone Join Forces in the Recycling Drive

Vodafone announced a new partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature, initiating a new campaign “One Million Phones for the Planet” to encourage smartphone reuse and recycling. Vodafone has decided to launch various strategic initiatives in its European and African markets to promote more sustainable choices by customers, as well as leverage mobile technology to tackle conservation and sustainability challenges.

Vodafone also offers competitive prices for customers to trade in old handsets which will be refurbished and resold where possible. Beyond reuse and refurbishment approaches, Vodafone is also rolling out a suite of phone repair services, hoping to extend the lifespan of existing devices.

Refurbished Smartphone saves roughly 50kg of CO2e

According to Vodafone, purchasing a refurbished smartphone saves roughly 50kg of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) and reduces its environmental impact by 87% compared to a newly manufactured device. The company also said that the phones which cannot be resold will be recycled or repurposed for social and charitable works.

Helps in Social and Environmental Wellness

Nick Read, Vodafone Group Chief Executive, said: “WWF and Vodafone strongly believe that we can all make greener choices about how we use technology. Our partnership with WWF will create new initiatives to encourage our customers to take actions that could help reduce their carbon emissions and reduce pressure on the planet’s natural resources.”

“Through our partnership with Vodafone, we will be exploring how everyone can reduce their environmental footprint using digital technologies and services, while also using mobile technology to drive forward key WWF conservation projects around the world. We look forward to working together on our shared vision for the planet,” said Tanya Steele, Chief Executive of WWF-UK.

Vodafone’s circular economy plan for mobile devices:

Announced in February 2022, One million phones for the planet will help accelerate Vodafone’s four-pronged approach to device circularity will help the mobile industry move towards a more circular economy that minimises waste and further reduces carbon emissions:

1. Trade-in: Vodafone will offer competitively priced trade-in offers, delivered through a new digital platform making it straightforward for customers to agree on trade-in options for their existing phones.

2. Refurbish and resell: Through devices received via trade-in and other device partnerships, Vodafone expects to increase the overall number of high-quality, competitively priced refurbished smartphones that it can offer customers at retail.

3. Repair: To prolong the life of existing devices, Vodafone is rolling out a comprehensive and convenient suite of services for customers in Europe, including insurance, support, and repairs.

4. Recycle: Any redundant devices that Vodafone receives will continue to be recycled responsibly or repurposed for social causes whenever possible.

Every one of us has a role in bringing our world back to life through different measures, and the technology we use every day can play a major role in tackling climate and nature emergencies. This new campaign will help to control the imbalance caused by smartphones and brings changes to the environment.

Aparna R

Aparna, from a journalism background, closely follows the developments in the telecom Industry.

Published by
Aparna R

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