OnePlus Is Refraining From Mentioning IP68 Rating for OnePlus 9 Pro Due to This Reason

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OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus, the popular enthusiast brand had launched the OnePlus 9 Pro earlier in 2021, and, the device, much like its predecessor, the OnePlus 8 Pro featured water resistance with an IP68 rating.

The company is refraining from mentioning that the handset has an IP rating, with the only mention on the website being a mention within the fine print, which is quite different from what was the case with the OnePlus 8 Pro.

The co-founder of OnePlus, Pete Lau explained why this was so, stating that it was one of the few product advantages that OnePlus as a company has done well but does not wish to talk about.

Why Does Lau Stress on IP Ratings?

This might have you wondering as to why this is, considering how important an IP rating might be. Lau has mentioned that the IP certification takes place under very specific conditions which are different from those that are experienced by the users.

He added that considering that the actual use environment and conditions of users were very different, it was impossible to withstand the test according to laboratory standards every time.

Lau also replied to a user who said that they had immersed their handset in the water several times without any issue, informing the user that this was not recommended and that they should take good care of their phone.

Whilst this might seem odd, for lack of a better word, the OnePlus co-founder is not wrong when he notes that the lab testing conditions are different from real-world situations.

One such case was Sony's water resistance support page back that was released in 2015 providing more clarity as to how IP testing was conducted. The page added that the phone was placed gently in the testing container and taken out in the same manner.

It is not known however as to whether this is still the case for current IP tests, but it is no secret that many people are less than gentle with their devices in the first place.

This listing did suggest that water resistance testing needed to be more rigorous in order to reflect the real-world conditions and usage. Also, OnePlus is not the only manufacturer to refrain from marketing their phones’ water resistance.

Sony had emphasized water resistance in the early 2010s, with marketing images showcasing the phone being used underwater, this would however be followed by distancing from the same in the next few years.

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