WhatsApp Web Tricks That You Must Know to Enhance Your Experience

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WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, happens to be the most popular instant messaging platform on the planet. The app is so popular that there is hardly any smartphone out there which comes without it. As of late, WhatsApp has been receiving new features back to back. Some of these new features remain in the pipeline currently. These new features concern groups, chats and much more. However, for some people the use of WhatsApp goes beyond their smartphones. In case you use WhatsApp for work related tasks, then you probably know about WhatsApp Web. This little tool, which is available as an app for Mac OS and can be opened up on browsers on Windows, will help you easily connect WhatsApp on your PC for streamlined usage. While you are on your laptop, or PC, you won’t need to pick up your phone to reply your messages and you can continue working while you also tackle communication. Hence, for all the WhatsApp Web uses, out there, here are some tricks that you must know.

WhatsApp Web Tricks

Fast Emoji Search

Let’s accept it, WhatsApp communication is incomplete without the use of emojis. These emojis are what bring the conversation to your life, and help your respond to all your memes. However, when you are on WhatsApp Web, sending memes requires you to move your cursor using mouse or trackpad, which can easily get annoying. But, to tackle this issue, you can simply type in a colon “:” followed by a word of your emoji. For example, if you want to insert a laughing emoji then on typing “:laugh” you will be able to see a suggestion strip of emojis from where you can choose your emoji.

Multiple WhatsApp Account at One Time

When you are using WhatsApp on your device, using two WhatsApp account at the same time is a big hassle. However, that is not the case when it comes to WhatsApp Web. On your laptop or desktop, you can easily open up the incognito window, or another browser and open up another session of WhatsApp Web, where you will be able to login to a different WhatsApp account and hence use this account, side by side your primary one.

Change Audio Playback Speed or Volume

To better manage your playback speed or volume, especially when you are relying on voice notes to communicate over WhatsApp, you will need to download a small Chrome plugin called Zapp. Using this plugin, whenever you are playing any audio on WhatsApp Web App, or anywhere on the browser, you will be able to speed up the audio, slow it down, increase or decrease the volume.

Check Messages from Notifications

Now this is one sneaky trick on WhatsApp Web which you can use to actually read the chats, but without letting the person know. You can think of it as the desktop equivalent of reading the messages from the notifications. To do this, you will have to keep the browser window open in which you have got WhatsApp Web running. Now on top of this window you will need to open another app such that it covers certain portion of the browser window beneath it. Now, you have to keep the foreground app selected and also the cursor should be on this app. Under this app, you will be able to see the incoming messages, and the sender would be getting grey ticks on these messages.

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