WhatsApp Testing ETA for Sharing Big Files

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One of the many things that people don’t like is not being able to know when something they are sharing on WhatsApp will be completely shared. WhatsApp has been in the social media arena for more than a decade now and there are still many features that are missing from the platform. According to a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is now testing ETA for sharing big documents.

Currently, whenever we share something on WhatsApp, we can’t really know when it will be completely sent to the receiver. But very soon, that might change and users might be able to see the estimated time left for the file to be completely sent to the receiver. There are many factors that affect the time it takes to upload and send a file to someone else over WhatsApp. One of those is the speed delivered by your internet connection.

This feature would also work to help users understand how much time it would take for a file to be completely downloaded on the app. So both receivers and senders are going to benefit from this feature.

WhatsApp Was Testing a Similar Feature as Telegram

WhatsApp was also testing a similar feature as that of Telegram. The company is trying to bring users a new capability on the platform which would allow them to share files of up to 2GB in size. But this feature was being tested with select users in Argentina and the global rollout and testing of this feature is unknown at the moment.

However, in the not so distant future, it would be great if WhatsApp could allow users to share big sized files as well. Telegram, its biggest competitor arguably allows users to do that. For WhatsApp users, things such as Google Drive or other sharing platforms are required when they have to share big files with their contacts. This capability along with the ETA feature would be very good additions to the platform.

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