WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update Making it Easier for Android Users to Check Group Mentions

WhatsApp Groups have been one of the biggest reason for the intense growth of the application. The holding company of the WhatsApp Messenger has released new updates related to groups which bring in some drastic changes to the app’s UI. To give you a bird’s eye view, the application now allows users of the apps to check in their mentions more easily and catch up on what has happened in their absence. The new update which has been rolled out to the groups on WhatsApp will now grant more power to the group admins by allowing them options to specify rules of the groups, highlighting details about the description of the groups and lastly it will also let the admins decide the level of contribution that each user can make to the group like changing the icon, description etc.


There’s also now an easy way to check the group messages which can be accessed under the floating “@” option in the chat window. Additionally, the users will also be able to use the search option in the group info page to look up any member of the group.

Apart from these general updates to the WhatsApp Groups, there is one addition to the app which has been a long-awaited functionality. The ability to stop re-addition to groups after exiting them. For a very long time, this had been a missing feature and spammers had been taking advantage of this fact. Although there hasn’t been a detailed statement on how the functionality would work. We are sure that it will be available to the users soon.


It’s fairly well known now that WhatsApp is taking some drastic steps and rolling out constant updates to make the platform better. In their recent developer’s conference conducted by Facebook, the company informed the public about the group video chat feature and the sticker feature on the platform which would be soon rolled out to the users. Also, the company is taking some strict steps to ensure that spammers do not ruin the experience of the app by spreading fake news or agendas, especially in countries like India. Although, the company has not explicitly made a statement about the same. All these features will be available for both Android and iOS users starting today.

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