WhatsApp Brings Saved Voice Messages Feature for Android Beta Users

WhatsApp has rolled out a new 2.18.123 Beta update for the Android users registered on the Google Play Beta program. This new update adds a nice little handy feature called as ‘Saved Voice Messages‘. As the name itself suggests, this feature will save the voice recording in case if something happens while recording the audio. For example, you’re recording an audio file to send someone, but due to some reasons, say it a voice call arrived in between, you’ve to leave the recording in between, then this feature comes into play as it saves the voice recording file. That said, the feature will not allow users to resume the audio recording, instead, they can listen to the previously stopped one and send it to the recipient if everything’s is perfect.


To access the previously saved voice recording, just head over to the chat screen, and you’ll be displayed the same. This feature, as per WABetaInfo is already made official for the WhatsApp iOS users, and the latest beta update brings the same to Android users. But there’s no information on when WhatsApp will add this feature to the standard stable version of Android.

WhatsApp is closely working on to improve small things that matter for the users and of course, the long-requested ones as well. For example, last month it rolled out the Locked Recordings feature, which allowed a user to lock the audio recording with a simple gesture. Once the recording is done, users can either send or cancel the voice recording. Earlier, users were required to tap and hold the audio button until they finish recording the audio.

The locked recordings was one of the most required features by WhatsApp users for a long time. And now the Saved Voice Recording feature will tweak the user experience. In the coming updates, WhatsApp will roll out the Stickers feature and improvements to the Live Location sharing feature, which it introduced a couple of months ago.

To experience the Saved Voice Recording feature right away, head over to the Google Play Store and sign up for the Google Play WhatsApp Beta program to receive the WhatsApp Beta 2.18.123 update right away.

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