Airtel Xsafe Cameras: Features and Price

Oct 07, 2022

Airtel has introduced a suite of Home Security Wi-Fi products and services to make your home safer than ever before.

Airtel Xsafe is a suite of home/office security solutions for consumers of Airtel, dubbed as an experience and not just a product or service.

Users get to choose from  3 Camera Options as per their needs. 

Sticky Cam - With its magnetic base and countless placement option it goes everywhere and sees everything, costs Rs 2,499

360 Degree Cam - Zero blindspots. With 360 degree field of view see whatever you want to watch. Costs Rs 2,999.

Active defence cam - Armed with two powerful spotlights, Active defence camera works around the clock to keep you protected and connected, Costs Rs 4,499.

These cameras come with WiFi, Night vision up to 30m, H.265 Advanced Compression, Privacy Mode and Weather resistant features. 

Airtel Xsafe subscription is available for Rs 999 per year and is an end-to-end encrypted cloud service where security and privacy matter. 

Airtel Xsafe subscription comes with many smart features.

Users can download and share video clips too.

A full-featured home monitoring service for Rs 999 per year for up to 1 camera. Comes with 3-month doorstep service; Additional camera at Rs 699 per year.

Users also get Expert advice session, Professional service, Guided product tour, and Customer assistance - a complete experience to help you with your home security system. 

Airtel 5G Plus Network is live across 8 cities in India - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi.

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