Airtel 5G: Everything You Should Know Before the 5G Launch

Sep 20, 2022

Airtel to roll out 5G services in a month. By Dec, we should have coverage in key metros followed by rapid expansion to cover entire country. We expect to cover Urban India by the end of 2023.

— Gopal Vittal CEO

5G in India

Airtel 5G is right around the corner as the telco expects to launch 5G services in October 2022. We can expect the launch to be around Diwali.

Here, we put forward certain aspects that will answer most of your questions and help clear the air so you can enjoy seamless services on Airtel.

Let's start with Spectrum. Airtel has rights to use 22027.7 MHz of Spectrum across 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz, 3300MHz and 26GHz Bands.


Make sure your device supports 4G/5G bands of Airtel so that you get to experience the best of Airtel Network.

Airtel 4G/5G Bands

4G/LTE Bands

1. 1 (2100 MHz) 2. 3 (1800 MHz) 3. 5 (850 MHz) 4. 8 (900 MHz) 5. 40 (TD 2300)

5G Bands:

1. n1 (2100 MHz)  2. n3 (1800 MHz)  3. n5 (850 MHz)  4. n8 (900 MHz)  5. n40 (TD 2300) 6. n78 (TD 3500) 7. n258 (26 GHz)

SIM Card:

If you are are able to use Airtel 4G Services, your Airtel SIM is already 5G enabled.  So it will work seamlessly on your 5G smart phone.

5G Phone:

New smartphones available in India are mostly 5G enabled.  So, if you are buying a new smartphone, check whether it is 5G enabled.

Enable 5G Network Mode:

Make sure you enable 5G in Phone Network Settings. To do so, go to the settings and in Network Mode or Voice and Data - Select 5G or 5G/4G or LTE, and you are ready.

5G Smartphones:

Airtel has chosen a 5G technology, which has the widest eco-system in the world. So, all 5G smartphones in India will work on the Airtel network.


Airtel delivers the following services on an iPhone, and you can enjoy the best of the services. – eSIM – FaceTime over Cellular – 5G/LTE/VoLTE – Personal Hotspot – Wi-Fi Calling

Airtel 5G:

5G, No matter the naming, you will enjoy a seamless Experience on Airtel.  With the combined 4G/LTE and 5G Networks, we believe you can enjoy an Ultimate Network Experience.

Airtel 5G For you

Great Network Experience via Speeds and Requirement Based Quality to users via Network Slicing. You can enjoy 20-30x more speeds than on 4G/LTE today.

International Travel:

If your smartphone works with Airtel 5G enabled in India, you can enjoy 5G even when you travel abroad because of the widest eco-system.

Practically speaking, there is no use case for a single consumer to use speeds more than 100Mbps on a mobile device even while using Hotspot.  All that matters is a great Experience.

Check 5G Coverage 

To know the availability of 5G in your town, you will be able to check it on the Airtel Thanks App and see whether your phone/city is 5G ready. This feature will be available with the 5G launch.

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