Vodafone to Offer Additional Data Benefits for 4G Handset and 4G SIM Card Holders

Last month, we exclusively reported about the Vodafone India’s RED postpaid plans with their revamped data offerings. And now, we have another exclusive information regarding the Vodafone’s yet-to-be-announced prepaid 4G data plans.

Vodafone, India’ second largest telecom network with over 200 million subscribers, will soon announce some new data plans. However, the benefit with these plans will only be limited to customers with 4G handset and Vodafone 4G SIM card.

So, what are the new offerings? Previously, when recharging with Rs. 147 data pack, users were rewarded with 450MB of standard data (2G/3G/4G), however, this newly revamped plan will offer an additional 574 MB of 4G data exclusively for 4G handset and SIM card holders. That said, if you own a 4G handset, you will get 1GB of data at just Rs. 147 per month.

The same scenario applies to every other prepaid 4G data pack as well. For example, when you recharge with the Rs. 265 pack, you will get 4GB of 4G data and with the Rs. 355 pack, you now get 6GB of data.


Having said that, Vodafone’s maximum 4G data plan of Rs. 1499 now offers and insane 35GB of 4G data. But, do make a note that these plans are applicable only for users with a 4G handset and 4G SIM card. Consumers who don’t have a 4G SIM will get the normal benefits. It is worth noticing that all these plans are valid for 28 days.

Our source also confirmed that Vodafone will first announce these plans only for the Karnataka region, but will soon roll out to another circle as well. Also, these new plans will be applicable for both old and new customers of Vodafone. All they need is just a 4G handset and SIM card.

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After you exhaust the allocated data, you will be charged four paise/10KB, which is again as the normal 4G rates. Sadly, these plans will be made available only via recharge from outlets or any digital recharge apps.

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[…] Also Read: Vodafone to Offer Additional Data Benefits for 4G Handset and 4G SIM Card Holders […]

Faraz, Munger
January 11, 2017 8:43 pm 8:43 PM

Definitely they are going to loose their 2g 3g customers. & that is their plan, I think.

January 11, 2017 8:09 pm 8:09 PM

Have been following telecom talk for a ling time….sadly it seems to have become a fighting ground for trolls..

January 11, 2017 7:39 pm 7:39 PM

Vodafone is showing alarm in broad daylight. The extra information is on 4G organizes just on the off chance that you read terms and conditions on the site. Vodafone does not have a widespread 4G organize. They are frantically attempting to push appropriation to 4G from their legacy systems… Thank you to Jio for being the impetus to this change.

January 11, 2017 6:43 pm 6:43 PM

They should let go of the 28 days time limit. Like talktime, they should also come up with unlimited time for exhausting the data.

January 11, 2017 5:45 pm 5:45 PM

Aggressive offer from the quality service provider

Japesh Hathi
January 11, 2017 4:52 pm 4:52 PM

Vodafone is not supernet but supercheater, poorest connectivity, worst customer care service, wrong billing at higher tariff/ data usages and so on… Never care for customer complains, on complaining harass by calling at odd hours and forward the same stereotype copy paste reply without solving the issue. Very very bad experience of Vodafone has forced me to ported out from Vodafone. Even after my porting out not refunding my due amount in spite of repeated reminders, persuasions through Social Media. All effort goes in vain.

Kirti Khurana
January 11, 2017 3:38 pm 3:38 PM

East or West Jio is best !!

January 11, 2017 11:08 pm 11:08 PM

kabse ho gya best 😀

u were die hard hater of jio 😀

Kirti Delhi
January 11, 2017 3:37 pm 3:37 PM

East or West Jio is best !

January 11, 2017 1:41 pm 1:41 PM

Guys forget about Vodafone supernet it’s actually superflop with just fancy super name.

Only airtel has potential to competitate with Jio provided that they work on there copper line to fiber line(see how even telenor has optimised there network with decent speed on narrow band) and coming future load rather then crying and limiting people to use there limited data in the name of quality . Time is passing technology is changing from to data . Stop being a crying baby and start investing more for future and be profitable in long run with Jio.


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