Vodafone Introduces ‘Complete the Zoozoo Story’ Contests

Vodafone Introduces Complete the Zoozoo Story’ ContestsIndia’s 2nd largest GSM Mobile service provider Vodafone Essar has come up with exciting ideas and has launched ‘Complete the Zoozoo story’ competition. The contest will be hosted on social networking website Face Book and also on Vodafone’s India  website.

Participants can watch snippets of unreleased Zoozoo television commercials and can also create their own Zoozoo stories as part of the competition. The competition is open from 24th November, 2009 to 1st January, 2010.

Every week participants stand a chance to win BlackBerry Storm and 1000 Zoozoo T-shirts will be awarded to creative entries.

How to Participate:-

(i)The eligible Subscribers (“Participants”) may visit the Zoozoo facebook fanpage or the www.vodafone.in website and may participate in the competition by watching the teaser video and completing/ giving the story an ending within 500 characters. There will be no charges for this from Vodafone.

(ii)Each winner shall get a branded Vodafone Zoozoo t-shirt as a prize. The best entry each week over the 5 week duration of the Competition shall win a BlackBerry Storm each.

(iii)There will be a total number of 1000 winners of Vodafone Zoozoo t-shirts and 5 winners of BlackBerry Storm smartphones during the course of the CZSC. No participant can win more than one prize in a round.

Upto 1000 winners of Vodafone Zoozoo t-shirts and 5 winners of BlackBerry Storm smartphones will be selected over the 5 weeks, basis the answers given to complete the story and their names shall be announced on the Zoozoo Facebook fanpage and also on the www.vodafone.in website every week.

Prizes:-A maximum of 1000 Winners of the CZSC may win:A Vodafone Zoozoo T-shirt each. The T–shirt once given, cannot be exchanged. The t–shirts will reach him/her within 75 days of the announcement of his/her winning.

A total of 5 winners may win-:A BlackBerry Storm each. There will be no sim card with the smartphone, only the smartphone will be provided. The BlackBerry Storm smartphone will reach him/her within 120 days of the announcement of his/her winning.

Interested Zoozoo fans can participate in the competition on  Complete the Zoozoo story’

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roshan sinha
September 19, 2010 6:36 pm 6:36 PM


April 8, 2010 8:17 pm 8:17 PM

Hi Sandeep,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/dnjncG and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.

Sandeep kumar.T
March 20, 2010 10:17 pm 10:17 PM

i am one of the winner of the “COMPLETE THE ZOOZOO STORY CONTEST”. But i didnot received the T-Shirt. what can i do?