Vodafone Idea Continues its 20 Month-Long Subscriber Losing Streak

From 281,902,977 wireless subscribers in April 2021 to 243,795,941 wireless subscribers in November 2022 with a VLR of 86.02 per cent, Vodafone has come a long way and losing subscribers is nothing new for the telco.

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Vodafone Idea Continues its 20 Month-Long Subscriber Losing Streak

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released its November 2022 report on the Telecom Subscription Data. We are closely following the wireless subscriber numbers, and Vodafone idea (Vi) has already crossed its one-year subscriber losing streak. However, we gathered even the historical data to see further how long this subscriber losing streak is in force. We have our results, and here are some interesting insights.

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Vodafone Idea Vi Records Continuous Subscriber loss for Nearly 2 Years Now

Sl. No Month Wireless Subscribers Gain or Loss VLR % Active Wireless Subscriber Dip or Gain
1 Apr 2021 281,902,977 -1,810,610 89.97 -2.08 M
2 May 2021 277,621,445 -4,281,532 88.82 -7.04 M
3 Jun 2021 273,331,926 -4,289,519 88.43 -4.88 M
4 Jul 2021 271,901,681 -1,430,245 87.67 -3.33 M
5 Aug 2021 271,068,132 -833,549 87.24 -1.9 M
6 Sep 2021 269,990,327 -1,077,805 87.31 -.75 M
7 Oct 2021 269,026,082 -964,245 87.1 -1.41 M
8 Nov 2021 267,129,032 -1,897,050 86.69 -2.75 M
9 Dec 2021 265,514,322 -1,614,710 86.42 -2.12 M
10 Jan 2022 265,125,240 -389,082 86.3 -.65 M
11 Feb 2022 263,593,051 -1,532,189 85.7 -2.9 M
12 Mar 2022 260,774,732 -2,818,319 86.7 .19 M
13 Apr 2022 259,206,066 -1,568,666 85.77 -3.77 M
14 May 2022 258,446,808 -759,258 85.14 -2.28 M
15 Jun 2022 256,645,622 -1,801,186 85.2 -1.38 M
16 Jul 2022 255,102,703 -1,542,919 85.03 -1.75 M
17 Aug 2022 253,144,350 -1,958,353 84.65 -2.63 M
18 Sep 2022 249,132,806 -4,011,544 85.17 -2.1 M
19 Oct 2022 245,623,140 -3,509,666 86.2 -.46 M
20 Nov 2022 243,795,941 -1,827,199 86.02 -2.01 M

From 281,902,977 wireless subscribers in April 2021 to 243,795,941 wireless subscribers in November 2022 with a VLR of 86.02 per cent, Vodafone has come a long way and losing subscribers is nothing new for the telco. However, if we look at the Monthly Active Subscriber base number dips, the numbers are not good either. Overall, Vodafone Idea has recorded a milestone of 20 continuous months of wireless subscriber loss.

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Vodafone Idea (Vi) Wireless Subscribers for November 2022

Sl. No Circle – Vodafone Idea Oct 2022 Nov 2022
Subscriber Gain or Loss
1 Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 12,300,968 12,189,800 -111,168
2 Assam 2,203,229 2,169,994 -33,235
3 Bihar 9,700,393 9,533,826 -166,567
4 Delhi 16,668,651 16,773,385 104,734
5 Gujarat 22,971,933 22,802,688 -169,245
6 Haryana 7,633,531 7,567,239 -66,292
7 Himachal Pradesh 510,985 505,671 -5,314
8 Jammu & Kashmir 408,684 399,193 -9,491
9 Karnataka 7,636,633 7,748,135 111,502
10 Kerala 14,878,749 14,775,767 -102,982
11 Kolkata 5,947,569 5,929,730 -17,839
12 Madhya Pradesh 17,867,798 17,630,923 -236,875
13 Maharashtra & Goa 25,785,346 25,224,424 -560,922
14 Mumbai 11,515,155 11,433,688 -81,467
15 North East 1,004,679 990,057 -14,622
16 Odisha 1,645,826 1,653,617 7,791
17 Punjab 7,544,015 7,467,094 -76,921
18 Rajasthan 10,400,783 10,349,423 -51,360
19 Tamil Nadu 17,221,976 17,288,073 66,097
20 Uttar Pradesh East 19,331,519 19,299,489 -32,030
21 Uttar Pradesh West 17,532,134 17,259,455 -272,679
22 West Bengal 14,912,584 14,804,270 -108,314
Total 245,623,140 243,795,941
Net Addition -3,509,666 -1,827,199
Rural Subscribers 121,161,494 119,796,159

If we look at the November 2022 wireless subscriber numbers, except for Delhi, Karnataka, Odisha and Tamil Nadu, Vi lost wireless subscribers in all other circles. Its priority circle, Kerala, too, lost subscribers. Although Vi talks about Rural subscribers, the telco is losing rural subscribers too if we look at the numbers for more than a year now.

Recent Developments with Vodafone Idea

From what we can infer from the tariff plans and actions, though the company management talks about Tariff correction in various instances, the telco doesn’t walk the talk.

Equity Conversion

The Government clears the equity conversion of Vodafone Idea dues on Friday, making the Government the single largest shareholder of the telco with a 33% stake in the company. The total amount to be converted into equity shares is Rs. 16,133,18,48,990. Accordingly, the company has been directed to issue 1613,31,84,899 equity shares of the face value of Rs. 10 each at an issue price of Rs. 10 each.

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Vodafone Idea Needs Cash

If we look at the development, the dues which Vi needs to pay are converted as equity and given to Government. This doesn’t mean anything to the company to benefit largely as the telco needs cash to operate. With a quarterly loss of thousands of crores and losing subscribers Month on Month, it needs to be seen if Vi can bring some investors on board. Even if Vi is able to bring some investors, one thing is sure that with the current tariffs losses will continue. So, what is the plan that Vi has to make profits and recover the old losses, pay interests is something highly imaginary. Even if done so, at what tariffs?

With No 5G announcements as of date, Poor Service quality (from what we experience daily), and Free Data benefits to inactive users (users who are not on any active recharge plan), it needs to be seen what’s the road ahead for the telco.

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Vodafone idea is close to 2 years of wireless subscriber losing streak (precisely 20 months now). Its subscribers are leaving it irrespective of its lucrative offerings in the market. No Telco in India is offering the kind of benefits Vi is offering customers, but still, the telco is losing subscribers Month on Month, showing the state of service quality. With the Government approving Equity conversion now, It needs to be seen how things pan out. Only time will tell what’s the road ahead for Vodafone Idea.

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