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nokia-siemens-networks-vodafone essarThe leading GSM mobile service provider Vodafone Essar and its technology partners Nokia Siemens Networks has announced that they have completed  GSM Network expansion into seven new regions across India.

People living in or travelling to Assam, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Madhya Pradesh, North East and Orissa will now be able to use upgraded GSM services provided by Vodafone Essar the one of the largest GSM Mobile operator in India. Nokia Siemens Networks, Vodafone Essar’s existing infrastructure partner in 12 regions, undertook the new network roll out in 10 months.

Nokia Siemens Networks is said to have a strong track record in speedy network roll out, and in India alone it sets up 5,000 base stations a month.

With this contract, the company has emerged as the largest network implementation partner for Vodafone in India, with more than 80 per cent of Vodafone’s subscriber traffic in the country flowing through infrastructure set up by Nokia Siemens Networks."We are proud to partner with Vodafone Essar as it charts an aggressive growth strategy and are committed to helping it realise its goals," said C B Velayuthan, head, Vodafone customer team, Nokia Siemens Networks. "India’s vast geography and varied topology, in addition to the acute power shortage in remote areas, make network expansion a challenging task. Our Flexi Base Station and services capabilities are the ideal solution for service providers who want to achieve more, with less."

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