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VIDEO: New 5G Only Operator, 5G Launch and Delay

The fifth generation network technology might be a bit far for the Indian users. Although 5G has already been launched in some countries like the USA, for the Indian consumers, there is a long wait. The telecom operators are also not in a position to buy 5G spectrum and the date of the 5G spectrum auction is also not certain. In this video we discuss, how all of these factors are causing the delay in 5G and when actually 5G will arrive in India. In this video we have featured two of our experts as well, Nakul Sharma and Dragonmonk.

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Arpit Sharma

Arpit spends his day closely following the telecom and tech industry. A music connoisseur and a night owl, he also takes a deep interest in the Indian technology start-up scene and spends rest of his time spilling poetry and stories on paper.

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