Verizon Teams Up with Crown Castle, SBA to Hasten Deployment of C-Band Equipment

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Recently, Verizon acquired $45.45 billion worth of C-band spectrum. To hasten the deployment, the American multinational telecommunications has signed deals with Crown Castle and SBA Communications. The new deal with the entities will include improvements in processing, such as reduction of forms and the minimization of legal reviews that will allow the engineer teams of Verizon to deploy the C-band equipment.

C-Band Equipment Requires New Network Equipment

Since the C-band

equipment that Verizon recently acquired requires new network equipment to be placed on existing towers, Verizon signed additional agreements with Crown Castle and SBA to establish terms for leasing space on existing towers for C-band equipment.

Verizon Acquired 161 Megahertz of C-Band Spectrum Nationwide

As reported by RCR Wireless, Verizon nearly acquired an average of 161 MHz of C-band spectrum in the nationwide C-band auction. The newly purchased mid-band spectrum will offer a middle ground between capacity and coverage that will allow the entity to increase mobile 5G coverage and home broadband services to more customers and businesses.

Crown Castle and Verizon Agreement to Provide Significant Values Over the Next 10 Years

Jay Brown, who is the CEO of Crown Castle, expressed his delight over the agreement and marked that the opportunity to work with Verizon will deliver significant values to both parties over the next ten years.

Verizon Could Provide 5G Ultra Wideband Mobility Service to Additional 250 Million Customers

Heidi Hemmer, Senior VP of Engineering at Verizon, stated that the addition of the C-band spectrum would allow Verizon to provide 5G Ultra Wideband Mobility service to an additional 250 million customers. Not only this but additional 50 million customers will be able to enjoy fast broadband services as Verizon will bring 5G Home to more places. The new deals with Crown Castle and SBA will allow Verizon to work efficiently to position the crucial equipment on existing towers.

Verizon Intends to Deploy Additional $10 Billion in C-Band Spectrum

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg recently addressed the investors and stated that the entity strives to invest an additional $10 billion in the C-band spectrum over the next two years to provide robust services to customers and businesses.

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