Valokuitunen Network Reaches Over 200,000 Households in Finland

Valokuitunen said it has already reached its goal of connecting 200,000 Finnish households by 2025, over two years ahead of schedule.


  • Valokuitunen Network rapidly covers 200,000 Finnish households.
  • Early achievement of the 200,000-home connectivity goal.
  • 400 million euros earmarked for expanding urban coverage.

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Valokuitusen Network Reaches Over 200,000 Households in Finland
Finland's only national open-service fiber optic builder, Valokuitunen Network has announced rapid expansion of its reach, now covering over 200,000 households. This achievement comes as the network welcomed 75,000 new homes this year alone.

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Owned by Finnish investment company CapMan's Infra fund (60 percent) and telecom operator Telia (40 percent), Valokuitunen builds open fibre-optic network that offers customers a wide selection of internet service providers and their offerings.

Goal Achieved Early

According to Valokuitunen, the demand for fibre-optic connections has grown significantly and is continually on the rise. Founded in 2020, Valokuitunen said it has already reached its goal of connecting 200,000 Finnish households by 2025, over two years ahead of schedule.

"We are proud to have achieved our network's expansion goal within three years. Valokuitunen's network investments for this year are set to reach nearly 100 million euros. We are unequivocally the leading investor in fixed telecommunications infrastructure in Finland this year," said the company in a statement.

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Fiber Expansion

Valokuitunen said throughout the summer, the company has been collaborating with subcontractors to lay down fibre-optic connections in approximately 30 municipalities. Overall, the network is now accessible in 80 locations across the country.

"Finnish households that opt for open fibre-optic connections no longer need to worry about their telecommunications for decades to come. Fibre-optic is undeniably the best available telecommunication solution, offering speed, reliability, and uninterrupted service. It won't falter during remote meetings or movie streaming," emphasized the company.

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Open Fiber Optic Network

Valokuitunen said it is constructing an open fibre-optic network that allows customers to select their services from a range of different providers. Customers order the fibre connection separately and acquire the necessary internet service only when the fibre-optic connection is ready for use. This approach allows customers to avoid commitment to a single internet service provider, granting them the autonomy to choose from the extensive range of services available on the network.

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Investment for Coverage

According to the statement, Valokuitunen secured a new financing agreement in July, enabling the company to invest over 400 million euros in fibre-optic coverage for urban areas in Finland in the coming years. Valokuitunen aims to offer fibre-optic connections based on an open network to up to 400,000 Finnish households in the next few years.

The rapid expansion of Valokuitunen's open fibre-optic network offers Finnish consumers the choice of a high-quality, fast telecommunication connection from a diverse array of providers.

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