Uninor’s Systems can Accept Payments (no balance addition, of course) for Port-out Numbers – Customer Experience

By February 22nd, 2014 AT 1:11 PM

We received an email from one Mr. Ripudaman who presented a unique case to us – Uninor deducted money for recharging an Airtel number (earlier an Uninor number which was ported to Airtel two months ago). Uninor should have ideally declined the transaction but that didn’t happen and even after writing chains of emails no resolution was reached!

In Ripudaman’s case, they reportedly have four Uninor numbers in family and this one was ported out to Airtel two months ago. One fine day, by mistake the ported out number was recharged from Uninor’s official recharge portal. What more, Uninor reported the recharge successful and even issued a transaction ID! Puzzling indeed. On approaching Uninor customer care, they answered like any other operator – “Recharges once successful cannot be reverted”. Even after 14 days, Uninor failed to solve the problem and continued with replies like “Your concern has been forwarded to concern [sic]…” etc.

Parts of Email Thread

First Email


Response after three days


Response after another four days


Reminder after several days and response after another three days


Our Take

Anyone who has multiple mobile connections from different service providers can make this kind of mistakes. While a third party recharge website can make errors in identifying the operator based on mobile number, official telcos must not be doing that.

  1. In first place, the number should have been shown as invalid which would be the best setup.
  2. The recharge should have failed and amount refunded in few days
  3. As 1 and 2 didn’t happen here, Uninor Care should have accepted their mistake on priority and issued a refund immediately. Ripudaman had even offered them a solution to credit the amount to his active Uninor number.
  4. Uninor does not provide a complaint number – that’s a bad way to keep track of things. Do they flag emails with follow-up reminders internally? Same person responding every time is a bit strange!

Did anyone face similar problems while you recharged your ported mobile numbers? Did the new operator fail to identify the mobile number? Let us know your experience(s).

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Ripudaman Singh

Thanks a lot Chethan for your efforts.
Got a message from Uninor’s CEO Morten Karlsen Sørby today again after you reminded him of this issue.
Within next 30 minutes got a call from their Regional Office in Noida and the amount was credited into my uninor number.

Their customer care is pathetic though. Needs to improve a lot.


good to here 🙂 . I had to file complaint on pgportal to get the refund. pgportal really works if you provide each n every information clearly. Try using pgportal from next time. 😉


It is foolish on the customer’s side to purposely recharge a port out number without checking the operator’s name (if recharging from third party websites). All third party websites allows us to change the operator name after entering the mobile number. So third party websites (like rechargeitnow and paytm) are far more better.

Ripudaman Singh

Yes! it might seem foolish, but there are many Exclusive offers which are available only on recharging through official website.

For a customer who has all the numbers in his family of the same operator becomes somehow habitual of following the same pattern for recharging.
This was the 2nd recharge being done on this number after port-out from uninor, so I forgot that its not uninor anymore.

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