Uninor Withdraws Mumbai Roaming Free Plan With Immediate Effect

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Uninor Withdraws Mumbai Roaming Free Plan With Immediate EffectSo looks like a tariff hike is on the cards for all the operators in coming days.

If you remember back in January Uninor introduced its Roam free Offer for Mumbai Customers traveling to Gujarat which was widely appreciated by Uninor customers.

Today a Uninor Customer Mr.Sandeep who hails from Mumbai received an SMS from Uninor (52222) stating "Dear Customer : Our Promotional offer on Mumbai Roaming incoming Free is being withdrawn with immediate effect.

Although there is no official update from Uninior regarding why the offer was pulled back but for now we can say there is no more FREE Roaming for Uninor Mumbai subscriber who visit Gujarat.

So what do you think what made Uninor to pull back its offer let us know via comments ?

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