TRAI’s Report Card On Kolkata And West Bengal Telecom Circle

TRAI's Report Card On Kolkata And West Bengal Telecom CircleTRAI published its Comparative performance of Mobile Service Providers in Kolkata and West Bengal Telecom Circle the following factors were looked into it  Quality of Service (QoS) Parameters of Accessibility,Call Drops,Voice Quality,  Billing Complaints.

Vodafone emerged as Number one mobile operator in Kolkata circle in terms of accessibility where as Tata Teleservice (cdma) emerged as number two followed by MTS(cdma) in third position ,Aircel in forth, Reliance GSM in fifth, Airtel in sixth position, BSNL in seventh, Reliance CDMA in eighth .

In Terms of Call Drop-Aircel rated the worse GSM network with Highest number of call drops, BSNL in second position  where as  MTS CDMA  had least number of call drop in Kolkata circle.

In Terms of Voice Quality BSNL was rated with best Voice Quality, followed by TTSL-CDMA in second position and MTS in third position.Vodafone was rated worse in terms of Voice Quality amongst all operator in Kolkata Circle.

Here is the Full Report for Kolkata and West Bengal telecom circle.

Name of Service Provider Name of


% age of

call made by subscriber

and Successful

with in

the operators



Call Drop Rate:
% age of


calls getting


Due to


Problems (<3%)

% age of



Voice quality


Resolution of Billing

Charging Complaints resolved with in 4 weeks


with in 4


Airtel Kolkata 98.4% 0.8% 97.7% 100%
Airtel W.Bengal 95.7% 1.5% 95.8% 100%
BSNL Kolkata 98.0% 2.0% 99.0% 100%
BSNL W.Bengal 97.0% 1.6% 96.0% 100%
DishNet (Aircel) Kolkata 99.2% 1.3% 97.9% 100%
DishNet (Aircel W.Bengal 95.2% 2.6% 94.0% 100%
Reliance Comm
Kolkata 97.4% 0.5% 98.6% 100%
Reliance Comm (CDMA) W.Bengal 97.0% 1.2% 97.6% 100%
Reliance Telecom (GSM) Kolkata 98.6% 1.0% 96.6% NA
Reliance Telecom(GSM) W.Bengal 98.5% 1.6% 96.9% NA
Sistema Shyam (MTS) Kolkata 99.6% 0.3% 98.7% NA
Sistema Shyam (MTS) W.Bengal 99.0% 1.0% 98.2% NA
Tata Teleservices
Kolkata 99.8% 0.6% 98.9% 100%
Tata Teleservices (CDMA) W.Bengal 99.1% 0.9% 98.3% 100%
Vodafone Essar Kolkata 100% 0.6% 97.4% 100%
Vodafone Essar W.Bengal 97.5% 1.1% 97.0% 100%

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August 14, 2014 11:23 pm 11:23 PM

AIRTEL & BSNL Best . i used vodafone. network not like airtel

March 25, 2014 9:38 pm 9:38 PM

BSNL is Best. I use airtel/vodafone/bsnl all.
Vodafone bad network during travell.. Airtel & bsnl best

August 3, 2013 1:38 pm 1:38 PM

BSNL is the best…….