Trai to introduce consultation paper on internet-based telephony in a month: Report

India’s telecom regulator is preparing to come out with a consultation paper on internet-based telephony in a month, according to the chairman R S Sharma. Sharma told the news wire service PTI the paper will explore framework for internet telephony in present context.


His comment comes amid a debate in the telecom industry over the framework for calls being made using the internet through various mobile applications. Recently, state-run telco BSNL has launched app-based calling service that allows customers to make landline calls using mobile phone and vice-versa.

Through the app, BSNL customers travelling abroad will be able to connect their landlines through mobile and make calls without attracting heavy ISD charges. However, telecom industry body COAI has objected to service claiming that it is violates present norms.

The internet-based telephony matter also comprises the net neutrality issue. The debate around net neutrality in India started after Bharti Airtel decided to charge internet-based calls or VoIP calls separately in December 2014 but withdrew the plan after public protest.

The Trai Chairman said that the regulator will separately work on net neutrality issue and start with a pre-consultation paper.

“The pre-consultation paper on net neutrality will be issued within a couple of days,” Sharma said, adding that net neutrality is an extremely important issue and has many dimensions and the government has also asked it for comprehensive advise.

Trai last week issued a consultation paper on providing free internet service to explore way for starting “toll free” kind of service in data world.

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May 27, 2016 3:45 pm 3:45 PM
Please TRAI please provide internet telephony and aloow licenses to VoIP.for 10USD 1000Min to Indian mobiles and unlimted call to all landlines in India for 30 Days.rebtel phone india and ringtoindia all are doing this with one call charges are leaas than 40paisa or unlimited calls to india.if trai aloow green glag to Internet telephony alltelecom companies will get an extra income of 10 cr from NRIs each month .now these amount are going to forien companies.why we need to give money to foregn countries to make call to our home should totaly gone to our india.soplease allow VoIP… Read more »
May 27, 2016 12:30 pm 12:30 PM

I feel that airtel is a fraud company and opposing these technological innovations.they have started their own inter telephony service and looting money from persons outside India. They also have sip lines similar to the bsnl ngn services but only difference is calls from airtel phones only. we need internet telephony.we need bsnls FWT we need sip lines of bsnl in anywhere in the world.

Aakash Verma
May 27, 2016 11:12 am 11:12 AM

For ffs please increase the 512kbps shi*ty speed to atleast minimum 2mbps