TPG Telecom and Ericsson Partner for AI-Powered Network Performance Solution

TPG Telecom and Ericsson have partnered to introduce an AI-driven analytics tool aimed at elevating mobile network performance for TPG Telecom's customers. The partnership leverages technology to provide real-time insights, swift issue resolution, and an enhanced customer experience.


  • Cloud-native analytics tool provides real-time insights for individual subscriber experiences.
  • Solution predicts, prioritizes, and resolves network performance issues in real-time.
  • TPG Telecom is the first in Australia for the implementation of this advanced analytics using cloud-native technology.

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TPG Telecom and Ericsson Partner for Network Performance Solution

TPG Telecom and Ericsson have partnered to revolutionise mobile network performance for TPG Telecom's customers. According to the joint statement, the collaboration introduces a cloud-native and AI-powered analytics tool. Under the multi-year agreement, TPG Telecom and Ericsson will deliver an Australian-first solution that employs cutting-edge technology to pinpoint and optimise mobile network performance on an individual subscriber level.

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Analytics Solution

The solution is based on Ericsson Expert Analytics and EXFO Adaptive Service Assurance. It offers TPG Telecom's Technology, Network, and Care teams a detailed understanding of individual subscriber experiences across various services like 4G, 5G Mobile, Fixed Wireless Access, and IoT. The solution utilizes smart data collection with embedded intelligence to predict, prioritize, and resolve performance issues in real time.

Ericsson stated that the analytics tool aims to improve TPG Telecom's ability to react to network issues quickly, enhance overall network performance, reduce infrastructure-based diagnostics, and provide better service experiences for customers.


According to the official release, the solution integrates multiple components, including Ericsson Expert Analytics, EXFO adaptive service assurance, and Ericsson software probes, as part of Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Core. This integration provides end-to-end network visibility and cost reductions.


TPG Telecom is said to be the first Australian communication service provider (CSP) to implement Ericsson Expert Analytics in a commercial network using cloud-native technologies. This deployment aims to offer scalability, agility, and resilience to adapt to evolving network requirements.

The new technology is expected to transform the way TPG Telecom's customer care team interacts with customers, leading to greater effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Deployment Phases

The initial deployment phase focused on acquiring insights and troubleshooting capabilities through the software probes in Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Core. The solution includes features such as On-Demand Troubleshooting and robust filtering capabilities. The solution is currently monitoring around 5 million subscribers, with coverage continuing to expand.

The full solution will be rolled out in phases with further enhancements. It will enable automatic issue detection based on network and subscriber insights and offer AI-powered recommendations for network and customer issue correction, said the joint statement.

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Ericsson Expert Analytics

This software solution, powered by machine learning and AI, analyzes real-time network data for better business outcomes and is used by mobile telecommunications operators worldwide.

The announcement underscores TPG Telecom's commitment to leveraging advanced analytics and AI technologies to enhance its network performance and provide better service experiences to its customers.

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