TPG Telecom Deploys SRv6 for Enhanced Network Operations and Customer Experience

TPG Telecom's Australian first deployment of Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) is set to reshape network efficiency and enhance customer experiences across its 5G and fixed-line networks.


  • Streamlined traffic management reduces complexity and enhances network performance.
  • Focus on cost savings, operational efficiency, and customer-centric experiences.
  • Scalable network infrastructure caters to expanding connectivity demands.

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TPG Telecom Deploys SRv6 for Enhanced Network Operations and Customer Experience
Australian telecommunications company TPG Telecom has deployed Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6), an advanced networking technology. According to TPG Telecom, this move marks the first-ever implementation of SRv6 in Australia, promising streamlined network management and improved customer experiences across TPG Telecom's 5G and fixed-line networks.

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Efficient Traffic Management

Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) simplifies network management by giving traffic instructions in advance, reducing the need to send data through multiple routers.

SRv6 allows TPG Telecom to manage and direct traffic more efficiently by providing predetermined instructions for routing. TPG Telecom says this reduces the complexity of network configurations and protocols, leading to improved performance and reduced latency for customers.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

With the simplification of network management, TPG Telecom can achieve cost savings and operational efficiency. The reduction in the need for complex routing configurations can lead to streamlined operations and potential cost reductions.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

TPG Telecom said it can enhance the overall customer experience for retail and business customers by delivering improved network performance and lower latency. This is particularly important for services like 5G, cloud computing, and IoT.

Network Reliability

SRv6 enables fast and efficient traffic rerouting in the event of link or router failures. This enhances network reliability by minimizing service disruptions and ensuring that services remain available to customers.


The SRv6-based network infrastructure can be easily scaled to accommodate the growing data needs of TPG Telecom's customer base. This scalability is essential to meet the increasing demands for connectivity services.

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Network Automation and Digital Transformation

The deployment of SRv6 forms a crucial part of TPG Telecom's network automation and digital transformation strategy. It aligns with the industry trend toward software-defined networking (SDN) and enhances the agility and flexibility of the network.

Leveraging the capabilities provided by SRv6, in partnership with Cisco, TPG Telecom said it is creating a better network and digital experience for Australians.

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