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You might have heard of phone tapping scams sometime or the other in the news and we wonder if anyone of you has got an idea to record your phone call? We are not saying of tapping your own number, but here is a wonderful app which performs a similar function in a friendly way which we thought you might be interested in.

Ever wanted to record and hear what have you conversed in your previous phone call or just wanted to recall/save what your loved ones spoke with you last night when you are away home or just behave like a Detective.

It’s your wish now as “Killer Mobile software” brings you the totally automatic Call recording app for S60/Android/windows mobiles with full support and functionality.Just install this small app and customize your very own settings and that’s it, it will now record every call conversation from both the sides automatically depending on your settings.

Call Recording has been a small feature on some of the phones available but the truth turns out that just because a cell phone comes equipped with this functionality doesn’t mean that recording the call is even possible. In fact, very few devices are capable of recording anything other than the audio coming from the device itself, and even fewer can record anything more than a few minutes of a call without the help of 3rd party software, and many of those play some sort of warning tone that the other side can hear, indicating the call is being recorded. In fact, call recording can be mostly useful for business, professional or even private use.

This App comes with a feature of Auto sending the recorded files to any preset number/e-mail or even through an MMS. It has also got an option for selecting the required access point though which the operations are to be carried on.

We are more surprised that this app even supports password protection of the recorded files. You also have an option to record only selected numbers or enter your personal list of numbers within the application itself. You can even enable auto-start and auto record of calls .The Log is also sorted out in a better way to provide with auto naming feature of the called number along with start time and end time which we feel is very useful. This app doesn’t even compromise with the recording quality and you can record up to the limits of your available memory (No time/memory limitations) which is totally user-friendly and has options for heavy customization.

COST : This app is available at a price of $16 (720/- INR app) from the Killer Mobile site. You can even download the fully functional trial app, use for approximately 15 days and if you like it you can register to get a Registration Key so that you can enjoy the full call recording experience.

You can download this app from the below links:

Nokia S60 2nd Edition
S60 3rd Edition
S60 5th Edition
Windows Mobile
PROS:1) Silent Auto-start recording-doesn’t include beep sound even2) Heavy Customization

3) Call Log is very detailed

4) Good recording quality

5) Password Protection of recorded files adds more security and privacy

6) Auto-Send of files to pre-set address


1) Application not available as freeware.

2) Recording Calls may sometimes cause personal conflicts or misunderstandings. Adds Threat to privacy if you do not password protect your app.

We personally did not find any other fault with the application.This App is compatible with all the Nokia S60 phones along with Android as well as with Windows Mobile edition.

Both Telecom Talk and Killer Mobile software takes no responsibility for illicit use of this software and is meant for personal use only.We do love to hear from you about the usefulness of this app.

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