Video: Here’s a Simple Tip to Secure Your SIM Card in Case You Lose It

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The primary component required to access mobile services is a SIM card, which is soon going to be an identity for a common man. Starting from bank transactions to paying electricity bills, a mobile number has become a necessity, especially for OTP based authentications.

So, what if you lost your SIM card? Well, the obvious action which you perform next is to contact the customer care and ask them to block your SIM card. However, for blocking your SIM card, you need to be in a position to reach out cc, verify your identity and then request to block your SIM, which is a tedious task.

What if something happens before you contact customer care? Well, this article/video will help you overcome that situation by adding an extra layer of security to your SIM card and protect it from misuse.

The above video explains everything why one should know about SIM security, i.e., from protecting your card in case you lose it to securing it. So, watch the video linked above. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

How to Secure Your SIM Card?

Well, every SIM card comes with an additional layer of security via PIN lock, which can be accessed via the SIM security settings. You can set up a SIM security PIN by heading over to the Settings > Security > SIM Lock. The default four-digit pin for most of the SIM cards is 1234. However, some operators also have 0000 or 1111 as their default code. You can also change the default pin code as you like from the same menu itself by hitting the change SIM PIN option.

We suggest you check with your network operator before running the default pin codes as you will be given only three chances for setting up the PIN. That said, if you enter three wrong pins, your SIM card will be temporarily blocked, which can only be unlocked by a PUK Code.

Where Can I Get the PUK Code?

After 3 wrong PIN attempts, your mobile will display an option to enter a PUK code to unlock the SIM and change the PIN.

Don’t wobble your head now, just call customer care for a PUK code. They will inform your PUK code, just enter it and change the PIN of your choice.

What if I enter the wrong PUK code?

Well, you should be unlucky if you do that. If you enter wrong PUK code, your SIM card will be permanently blocked, and you have to get a new replacement SIM to enjoy the mobile services. Thankfully, you’ll be given ten chances before it blocks your SIM card permanently.

After setting up the desired PIN and by enabling PIN lock feature, your SIM card will ask for the PIN every time you reboot the device or insert the SIM card in any new device. By this way, you can keep your SIM card secured by not allowing others to access your details.

Disclaimer: For the most part, you shouldn’t face any issues with the process if you’ve followed the aforementioned steps carefully. However, do make a note that Telecomtalk doesn’t hold any kind of responsibility in case things go south. Try this at your own risk.


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