The Growing App stores

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The Growing App storesIn continuation to our previous article on Smartphones and Smartphone apps Lets see who is the new entrant in the App store market with App’s on the Smartphone devices gaining control innovation and steady increase in the number of apps have been witnessed during the recent time.

Each and every player in this arena wants to move shoulder to shoulder with another and now it was DELL who has recently opened its own app store that provides programs for Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbians and Windows Mobile respectively to our astonishment all these mobile Operating Systems are having their own App stores with multiple apps then what’s DELL new doing in same.

Dell has come up with multiplatform app store thou this concept is not new as one of world’s biggest app store “Getjar” are on the same lines. The app store by dell supports 11 carriers till now and more that 50,000 apps. This shows an appealing move by DELL because the company knows that it has to adjust its businesses in order to stay relevant in a rapidly-changing computing environment.

Previously we saw ‘HP’ buying Palm OS giving an imprint that if they need to survive they must have a pie in Mobile business.

Following image show the store size of the current App Stores

The Growing App stores

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