TeleDNA Introduces mZone Mobile Application

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TeleDNA Introduces mZone Mobile ApplicationTeleDNA communications, the leading mobile value added services (VAS) technology provider has announced the launch of mZone, an innovative application for the mobile subscribers that can help them upload pictures or video clips with the ease of few clicks from their mobile phones on to internet. mZone can also be offered and deployed by mobile operators to provide innovative photo uploading and sharing facilities to their mobile subscribers.

mZone provides mobile users a space of their own to upload their photo's and video clips. A mobile user can upload his / her private photos and video's to mZone private arena which can be viewed only by him/her.

Similarly, a mobile subscriber can upload photo's or video's to mZone public arena - which upon some intelligent filtering will be viewed by all mobile and internet users. The subscriber is encouraged to be more innovative in clicking pictures and videos to be part of the mZone contest, and win goodies. The application can also link to popular internet social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Flikr etc.

"Today social networking sites like Face book and Orkut also offer similar uploading means from mobiles - whereas mZone provides a integrated contesting platform with a easy to use handset application for mobile users to proactively participate in this social networking and sharing platform., "said Mr. Praveen Nallapothula, CEO, TeleDNA Communications.

All GPRS/MMS/WAP/Mobile Internet subscribers can avail this service free of charge by simply downloading the mZone application from or

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