TelecomTalk’s MNP Poll Result Analysis

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So atlast Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is going to be implemented in India. It has been delaying for 2 years from June 2009. With MNP in hand, subscribers become more powerful in the multi-SIM environment of Indian telecom.

Though ICRA reports MNP can affect mobile operators in a short term basis, and other surveys (including Telecomtalk 's Polls - Which Operator Will You Leave Once MNP Come Into Place? & Which Operator Will You Board Once MNP Come Into Place? ) shows almost similar trends i.e.  in and out flow of the subscribers for the operators are more or less similar, so profit/loss due to MNP will be minimal.Need to check details of the MNP, VISIT HERE.

But as 3G is coming, and data will be the main momentum of telecom sector in coming days with voice tariff war is stabilized, MNP can be lethal for some operators. If MNP is considered as cricket ball, with 2G means medium pacer is bowling and with 3G means its fast bowler! So non-3G players in circle-to-circle will have churns in coming days with MNP hits in.

As we conducted polls on MNP, we find out the following picture of post MNP telecom picture:

*The data used in the graph is per hundred (%).

**The poll result is based upon 986 votes  'Which Operator Will You Board Once MNP Come Into Place?' and 880 votes on 'Which Operator Will You Leave Once MNP Come Into Place?' as of (12:19am Jan 20-2011).

The poll result says a maximum of 27% voters like to leave Airtel and at the same time maximum 21% of users said they will move to  Tata Docomo from their current operator.

This poll result can't be taken as an accurate picture, as it is based upon only the users who voted on Telecomtalk's MNP polls.

We can say most voters of these polls are from urban areas who have access to internet. As more people will be aware of MNP, MNP will be more helpful for massess.

Fore More News on MNP & & Offers from Operators, visit our MNP section and stay tuned to!

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