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So it all started 2 years back on October 10 2008 looking back it’s been the best year of my life met lots of big guys from the industry made tons of friends in the virtual world had some tough fight with operators for showing the real fact and made some good friends during the due course of time did faced lots of ups and downs in life all I can say for now I’m used to it and enjoying it .

TT Timeline –

On Jan 2009 SB (Sanjay Bafna)  joined TT a multitasking guy who always let his hand  to make TT into a perfect site be it day or night  his contribution is a remarkable one which helped TT  to move into the right track since then things started changing during the initial stage SB was covering about MTNL and then started covering each and every stuff happening in the Indian telecom industry .

Duane Bayliss was with TT since April 2009 he was tracking about mobile series and network codes without his help TT’s GSM& CDMA market share & the famous Indian mobile operator code page wouldn’t have been possible.

On July 7th 2009 Tushar Sharma joined TT he was so focused into the VAS industry which helped TT readers understand VAS industry in a different perspective.

On July 13th 2009 RDB aka Rudradeep Biswas joined TT this guy made wonders with his comparative post staging from tariff comparison reviews made TT readers to think twice before opting a plan or offers and also helped TT to grow one step ahead he is also known for his exclusive reviews.

San Ghosh was in his 12th grade when he joined TT a complete Teleco freak he came up with lots of interesting out of the box posts which Team TT missed during the initial coverage though he also helped TT’s growth behind the scene he is with TT since October 1st 2009.

Neal entered TT with a bang broke lots of exclusive stories even before the stuffs which use to come in print and digital media he tracks about new telecom operators he is with TT since March 6th 2009.

Chethan Thimmappa came up with an innovative idea of reviewing telecom ads for TT users, being a tech blogger his reviews gave TT users in depth insights he is with TT since July 10th 2010 .

Srikapardhi kala and Santosh Kumar Dornal are the new members into the TT family S.K will be covering about mobile apps and Santosh will be covering technical stuffs .

For people interested in statistics here they are this will be the 2,6734th posts on Telecom Talk and 51,211 comments have been left on those posts. Rss subscribers continue to grow there are around 6000 Rss and Email readers based on my Feed burner count.

Lots of people have written guest post on TelecomTalk cannot name them it’s a huge list some day or the other I will try to compile in a list thank you to all and Woops how can I forget my tipsters and inside sources thanks a ton guys i hope you are reading it without you TT is a big zero 🙂 .

I also want to thank Hostgator this is an incredible hosting company that has not only grown with me but has also provided superb customer service along the way.We are moving into a dedicated server soon thanks to SM-IBS I hope you are reading this thank you bhaiya for all the support be it day or late nit you always helped TT to lead into its right path.

I would also take this opportunity to thank our Experts Lee,Anbu John Boban,Santu,Amit.G,PPA,Altaf,KeshavJha,Hemant,KaushikRoy,Rahulraj,Arjun,Fahad,Riju,Raghav,Anirban,Kamal Halder,Rohan Singh,Amit Karmakar,Emad, Webly,Zareef these guys played a vital role in TT by helping commentators in a skillful way.

And yeah thanks to everyone who emailed me today to say “happy Birthday “ Have a nice Sunday hope to meet everyone soon in person.Lots of things changed in TT in the last 24 months now i can only imagine what next 12 will bring.

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