TelecomMap: Mapping The Telecom Networks in India

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First of all we would like to thank all of you for making very good attempts to guess what we were launching today. Yes, many of you have guessed it right. It’s a brand new website with a difference.

It seems that many of you wanted us to launch one-stop site for mobile recharge, posting complaints against operators, gadget reviews and a lot more. We liked it! Thanks again! We would also like to assure you that we have started working on your suggestions and we will be soon implementing the same.

As we had mentioned in yesterday’s post, it is very different and exclusive, above all it’s for the benefit of general public! We will be leading a first of its kind initiative in the telecom history of India with the launch of ! Isn’t the name interesting?? Read on to learn more.

With TelecomMap we are making a novel attempt to apply crowdsourcing techniques to improve the Telecom services in India. TelecomMap maps the information about presence of 3G Networks,Network Quality and free Wi-Fi hotspots in Indian towns/cities.

Details will be overlaid on Google Maps which means you can even map your street for 3G presence! Does it sound complex now? No, it really isn’t. You can submit the information very easily - through tweets, with a simple web-form or even by sending an email. You just submit the information, we will map it for you. Hence it demands extensive participation from you.

You just need to be a 3G or a public Wi-Fi user to participate. TelecomMap aims to provide information about availability and quality of 3G and Wi-Fi across India to existing as well as future users. Thus the information you provide can help someone else when they decide to go for 3G. At the same time you may benefit from other’s inputs. Telecom operators may take a cue from all these and strive to improve their services.

Ways to provide information:

1. Send tweets with hashtag telecommap in this format:

For 3G coverage: #telecommap 3G Covered Loc: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. NW: Operator name. Qual: In a scale 1-5

For Wi-Fi: #telecommap WiFi Hotspot available Loc: CV Nagar, Bengaluru NW: Operator name. Qual: In a scale 1-5

2. Use Submit a Report option.

3. Mail exact location details with operator name and quality to [email protected]

So isn’t everything simple and easy now? Go ahead and start submitting information at! Let’s see who submit’s first!

For time being we will be mapping 3G network availability,Network Quality and Wi-Fi hotspot you can also put forward the suggestion for mapping we would be more than happy to include the same and if you want to Volunteer do drop us an E-mail.

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