Telecom or Mobile Towers Necessary for Maintaining Connectivity?

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Mobile Towers

The Madras High Court has observed that maintaining network connectivity while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is very important. Since people can’t step out of their homes to learn, work, or run their businesses very easily, it has become very important that online connectivity is maintained at all times. The Madras High Court made the observation while looking at the petitions filed by ATC Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited, a private telecom company based out of Chennai, South India. The company was looking to get police protection for installing new mobile phone towers in different parts of southern India.

Mobile Towers Facilitate Business Meetings

Justice G Chandrasekharan observed that for the last 16 months, people have not been able to move out of their homes freely to conduct their regular business. People have relied on internet connectivity to hold business meetings through video conferencing platforms and voice calls. To do all of this, mobile network connectivity is very vital and for that, abundant mobile towers are required throughout the country.

One thing that this pandemic has taught us is that we as a society have to prepare ourselves for such situations in advance. One of the biggest aids during the pandemic for societies throughout the world was mobile network connectivity.

Through the mobile networks, even though people couldn’t come out of their homes, they could do video and voice calls. Even multiple business activities which take place online could be executed with the help of mobile networks.

With the upcoming digital age and 5G, the role of mobile towers will increase even further because the demand for the internet will only grow from here. It is a great thing that the Indian courts understand the importance of the presence of mobile towers in every part of the country. This will push India towards a digital country at a faster pace.

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