Tata Sky Broadband Subscribers Can Now Use Leftover Data from Last Month

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Tata Sky has been making inroads into the Indian broadband segment with attractive plans and offerings. Tata Sky Broadband is already providing unlimited data plans to subscribers in various cities. And on top of that, Tata Sky Broadband users can carry forward the leftover broadband data from this month to the next month. The best part right now is Tata Sky did not mention how much data can a user carry forward to the next month. If there’s no limit on the carry forwarded data, then the broadband users of Tata Sky can rejoice, especially those on the lower-end plans. For the unaware, Tata Sky is providing broadband services in 22 cities including popular ones like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Greater Noida and so on. Right now, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is shipping two types of broadband plans- Unlimited and Fixed GB plans.

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Tata Sky Broadband Data Rollover Feature Details

The new feature that Tata Sky has introduced to its plans is the data rollover. On the official Tata Sky broadband website, the fixed GB plans from Tata Sky broadband have now been highlighted to come with data rollover. However, the thing to note is that the website does not inform the subscribers the limit allowed on data rollover and the reason why that is is that there is no limit to data rollover on Tata Sky broadband plans. To recall, data rollover is a feature which allows the subscribers to use leftover data on subsequent billing cycles.

For example, a Tata Sky subscriber is subscribed to the Rs 999 plan which offers 200GB data with 50 Mbps speed, and in a particular month, the subscriber is only able to use 150GB data, then the leftover 50GB data will be rolled over to the next billing cycle, or the next month. This means that subscribers will be able to use 50GB extra data on their monthly limit. In this case, for the second month, the user will be able to enjoy 200GB + 50GB, a total of 250GB data in that particular month. As mentioned above, Tata Sky did not reveal any limit on the carry forwarded data. For example, You Broadband allows its users to carry forward a maximum of 500GB data in their account, but there seems to be no such limit from Tata Sky though.

Tata Sky 100 Mbps Unlimited Data Plans

It is also worth noting that currently, Tata Sky has operations in the metro cities of India, and it has expanded its reach massively to other cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bhopal and more. The service provider is also offering unlimited data plans, which could be a major attraction to interested subscribers. Some of the unlimited data plans from Tata Sky broadband also offer 100 Mbps speed. For example, in Mumbai, the Rs 1,599 per month plan ships 100 Mbps speed with unlimited data. Further on, there are also other plans with lower speeds, which include the Rs 1,249 plan shipping 50 Mbps speed and unlimited data and lastly, there is the more affordable plan of Rs 999 with 25 Mbps speed and unlimited data.

Data Carry Forward Feature is an Important One for Broadband Users

Bharti Airtel was the first broadband operator in the country to provide data carry forward functionality to its users. Later on, You Broadband and Spectra followed this move and they’re still allowing their users to carry forward current month’s data to next month. Reliance JioFiber, which is the latest entrant to the Indian broadband scene is not providing any such feature to its customers, which is underwhelming. Data Carry Forward is an important feature for broadband customers because a lot of users fail to consume their monthly allotted data and this feature transfers the left out data to the next month.

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Published by
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