Tata Docomo Gets A Year Older

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Tata Docomo Gets A Year OlderLets switch on the rewind key and go a year back. It all started with a boom and in days it was all over the minds of the common people. The tone made a mark in everyone’s mind and soon now you get to hear it in every corner now and then.

The baby a year ago has now grown to a full size ‘Kumbhakarna’ of all the mobile operators. It all started with the tune “Do to do” .. It all started with “Paying per second” .. It all started with TATA DOCOMO.

Yes they have reached a milestone in the Indian telecommunication market rather its better to say that they have recreated a new bloom by offering people the option to control their expense by introducing pay per second which means there’s no waste of money for the seconds left in a minute.

You get to pay exactly for what you use and today 10th June 2010 they have crossed a year mark in the Indian Telecom space. I and we all from the Telecom Talk group wish them a Great Happy Birth Day and wish them all success in the days to come.

The TATA’s along with joint venture with NTT DoCoMo of Japan made foray in the market dating back in 2008 and soon they started rolling our started operations a year back i.e. June 2009 with the states in the south. Soon within months it successfully launched their services in other cities, metros and towns.

This company changed the tariff pattern that most other companies used to follow by going a one step ahead by introducing pay per second cap. Soon all other operators followed the sane suit as they started losing a great deal of customers. Tata Docomo also holds the record for adding the most number of customers in successive months.

Its the only company that started interacting with the consumers online through  social networks. It gained a huge popularity in sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter where customers could directly get in touch with an official of the company and address him all the problems directly.

All round the year it held a lot of competitions and gave away prizes and gifts to customers. Its association with the IPL this year has a been a huge hit. People got to interact with the starts ans players of the IPL personally, courtesy Tata Docomo.

With a strategic GPRS plans and introduction of BuddyNet it gained a chunk of youngsters from other operators as calling friends and having long chats became more easy. Social networking was made free on selected sites by activating BuddyNet and a cheap tariff worked in favor of the company which boosted its customer strength growth.

And lastly few days ago Tata Docomo was awarded in the recent Telecom Asia Awards 2010 for its “fairness to customers”.

With great innovations coming out frequently and attractive tariffs in the offering we can say this compant promises more and more in days to come and we wish them all the luck that they might one day emerge as the leading telecom service provider in India. As for now its Birth Day bash time so blow the bomb and get into the groove coz its time to party!! Happy Birthday once again.. Cheers Docomo guys 🙂 Where is the Party ?

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