Tata Docomo CDMA – Mobile Data Packs Are Too Confusing

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The story covered here is based upon the information found on cdma.tatadocomo.com, we are contacted by Tata Docomo CDMA representative and asked that the site is not updated. Updated information regarding Tata Docomo CDMA data packs can now found on tatadocomo.com/mobile-internet.aspx#tab_CDMA .  As per with the updated information, we have made some changes to the original story.

In these days data is the priority for the mobile operators. Voice ARPU is stabilizing and tariff hike shows drop in MoU keeping the ARPU at almost same level.

Tata Docomo CDMA – Mobile Data Packs Are Too Confusing

With the increase of smartphone use, data requirement goes high. Interestingly while GSM operators are looking for data opportunity in mobile, while CDMA players are more focused to data on dongle.

Though recently Reliance and MTS both came up with data packs for their mobile customers, it seems Tata Docomo CDMA is still no ears to need of customers.

We checked Tata Docomo CDMA website and found some terms and conditions which are too negative for mobile customers.

1. On Tata Docomo CDMA site – it is showing ‘GPRS Packs’. Later they are mentioning 1x and 3x data packs – this will confuse people.

Instead of mentioning ‘GPRS Packs’ they should mention ‘data packs for CDMA’.

2. The data plans are said to be used on CIMO HSIA etc .

General customers have no idea of these shortcuts. 3X is better term than HSIA.

3. Daily pack (Rs 5, 50MB usage till midnight) if activated by SMS, it will be auto-activated for the next day.

If someone is activating daily pack, it means he in most logical way does not need the pack for the next day. Is it another trap to deduct money from customer’s prepaid account?

4. The 1X packs are applicable only for usage of “internet services on WAP and BREW platforms”.

This is simply ridiculous! Are we living in Stone Age to be restricted to use WAP and BREW? Both WAP and BREW platform is dead, as they are limited to very basic handsets. This also proves why CDMA is not popular in India, too much restriction imposed on the customers! Tata Tele also does same mistake on Virgin GSM where SIM Toolkit shows no settings for GPRS, instead showing these 3 options – MMS, WAP and Phone as Modem.

The updated website says these 1X packs are valid for all users. OMH RUIM users with EVDO handsets can access internet at 3X speed with these packs. This is great news, but take it with a pinch of salt, as there is no 30 day data pack for prepaid customers. (Data pack Rs 48 comes with 1.5GB data for 21 days, while data pack Rs 95 comes with 4.5GB data for 20 days.) 

Soon after our story, validity of Rs 95 data pack has changed to 30 days! 

5. 1x speed is available on WAP and BREW Packs, they mention that ‘Tethering will be applicable at 1x speeds only and will be considered under Pack benefits.’

But as only WAP is allowed you cannot get access to internet even if you tether as for WAP user (username and password both are ‘wapuser’) and normal internet connectivity is restricted. So what they mention as Terms & Conditions are self-contradictory.

The latest change in the CDMA mobile data packs is saying: 1. Mobile Browsing and mobile tethering benefits will be given to CIMO 1X customers for these packs. 2. Only Mobile Browsing benefits will be given to CIMO 3X/HSIA/EVDO/OMH customers for these packs.

So if you are using OMH RUIM you can not avail tethering features. :(

6. 3X or EVDO/HSIA mobile data packs are there, but tethering is available at 1X speed only.

MTS and Reliance do not implement such restriction, why Tata Docomo CDMA is putting this pathetic restriction to their customers? Customers are paying for 3X data packs, why he is restricted to 1X speed on tethering? Note that there is no unlimited pack, so no question of misuse of the data packs.

Website says: Mobile Browsing and mobile tethering benefits will be given to CIMO 3X/HSIA/EVDO/OMH customers for these packs. Expected that mobile tethering will be available at 3X speed.

7. ‘The data benefit of the existing data pack will be forfeited if recharged with another data pack and validity will remain whichever is higher.’

If by mistake you send same SMS twice, you will not get double data benefit, rather first pack benefits will be taken away. This is bad. We checked with BSNL 2G and MTS Mobile data packs - second recharge is added to first recharge.

This is the situation for CDMA customers of Tata Docomo CDMA. We simply failed to understand who are the people behind such so-anti-consumer terms and conditions? Are they too old to feel the needs of the customers?

This is a customer feedback towards Tata Docomo CDMA to bring transparent data offering to mobile customers. Drop your comments!

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