Tagg Verve Plus Review: Affordable and Classy

Tagg Verve Plus has multiple features that I appreciate. First of all, in all the time I have been using it (which is more than a week now), I have not had to charge it once.

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The competition in the smartwatch segment in India has increased rapidly. More and more people are adopting smartwatches. But the issue is, most of the decent smartwatches are not very affordable. This leaves a huge chunk of the market to entry-level low-grade products. But in my opinion, Tagg Verve Plus has changed that. It is a smartwatch that was recently launched by Tagg and is priced in the affordable segment as well. Tagg is a consumer electronics brand that sells a range of products, including smartwatches. Let me tell you how my experience with the Tagg Verve Plus was.

Tagg Verve Plus Review: Design, Display and Look

The Tagg Verve Plus comes with a square dial with soft round edges. It doesn’t feel premium but looks decent regardless. The straps are made of silicone and are detachable, meaning you can change up the look of the smartwatch any time you want.

The Tagg Verve Plus is not too heavy, but it could have been lighter. The sensors are at the bottom, which is how it should be, and the charging port is at the bottom too. Tagg offers a magnetic charging port to the users, and it works really well. There is plenty of room to tighten the fit if you have a small wrist, and the users with the thickest wrists can also wear it comfortably.

I got the black variant for review, which looks really good. I think since it is black, you can safely wear it anywhere you are going, and it will look good only. The hook could have been black as well for the black strap; it looks better that way. But Tagg has gone with a silver hook which, in my opinion, is not that great. However, it still looks great.

The display of the Tagg Verve Plus is 1.69-inch in size. It is an IPS-LCD display with low-resolution support of 240×280 pixels. The maximum brightness supported is 500 nits which is really decent. You can comfortably switch the watch face directly from the smartwatch or the mobile app.

The low resolution is something which I don’t like. But you can’t really complain because of the price at which Tagg Verve Plus is available in. Even the colours on the screen aren’t really that good, but they work for someone who wants a basic smartwatch to get by with.

Tagg Verve Plus Review: Features and Performance

Tagg Verve Plus has multiple features that I appreciate. First of all, in all the time I have been using it (which is more than a week now), I have not had to charge it once. The smartwatch will comfortably run for another three days. This is around the same figure that the company promised, which is ten days of performance in a single charge. Note that the battery capacity is 180mAh, and it takes up to 2 hours for the smartwatch to charge completely.

It was a very convenient experience with the Tagg Verve Plus because it gave me most of the app and call notifications from my smartphone directly on the smartwatch. Another feature that I appreciate about this smartwatch is sleep tracking. Though I don’t wear it every time I go to sleep, it is good for days where I really need to track how much I am sleeping.

The smartwatch supports in-app GPS, which allows for accurate distance tracking. Talking about the distance, I have taken the Tagg Verve Plus for running twice now. It is handy and comfy while running, but most of all, it is accurate in distance tracking. The smartwatch is also IP67 rated, which means it is waterproof.

Coming to the sports modes, there are over 16 of them. You can choose from a variety of activity modes, including Skipping, Cycling, Badminton, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hiking, Walking, Football, Basketball, Dancing, Yoga, Sit Up, Indoor Running, and Outdoor Running.

There is a women’s health feature which is called “Menstrual Cycle Monitor”, and it will help women track their periods. There is also support for SpO2 monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, and body temperature monitoring.

All of the sensors inside the smartwatch are vital, especially during the era of the pandemic.

Tagg Verve Plus Review: Price and Conclusion

The Tagg Verve Plus is a great smartwatch for someone who wants a budget device. The display is responsive, and it doesn’t lag, which is a good thing. The screen size is something which I really appreciate because everything can be easily read. Further, it is very easy to navigate through the different features of the smartwatch. Whether you want to reduce the brightness or do something else, you will be able to do everything very smoothly and easily.

Don’t take it as a premium smartwatch, though. While it has almost everything, it is still not a premium gadget, and that is justified because of its price. This device can be your perfect partner if you want to go for running, track sleep, and use other health features on a regular basis.

The price of the Tagg Verve Plus is Rs 1,899 in India. The dial is available in three colour variants – silver, black, and golden. The best thing is that the Tagg+ app that you will have to download on your smartphone will work with both iOS and Android devices. The Tagg Verve Plus is already available on the official website of Flipkart.

Tanay Singh Thakur

Tanay is someone with whom you can chill and talk about technology and life. A fitness enthusiast and cricketer, he loves to read and write.

Published by
Tanay Singh Thakur

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